Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I Have the Traveling Reggie

Back in July of last year, a TCDB member decided to start a fun challenge that involves a 1983 Donruss Action All-Stars Reggie Jackson visiting every state in the US. The challenge was to include it as part of a trade package, not just send it along to somebody else. It has been slow going for Reggie since then, but he has done a bit of traveling.

Last week, I received a message from TCDB user cl_kyle asking if I'd be interested in a trade--and in taking the Traveling Reggie in. I was all over it.

We put together a trade, each sending roughly 20 cards, and Utah became the next stop on Reggie's tour.

Some of the cards I received included some BYU alumni, like John Beck and Jeremy Guthrie

Others were some chromed up Rookie of the Year winners. There are several variations of Scott Williamson's Bowman rookie card. Also, an original 1950 Bowman Don Newcombe rookie! Look at those sharp corners! The centering! The shine...wait, what are you saying?! It's not an original 1950 Bowman? This is also a 1998 Bowman Chrome, like Scott Williamson? Oh, okay.

For those among you who are eagle-eyed experts, besides the obvious chrome, what else is a dead giveaway that this is not a 1950 Bowman, from seeing this scan alone?

And here is Reggie! As you can see, this is the seventh state he has visited.

I didn't know before I received this trade that the Traveling Reggie was an oversized card. In fact, this trade brought several different sizes to me, which made it pretty unique, I think.

We have Reggie, and you can see his size here above a 1975 Mini, a standard-sized 2001 Upper Deck Decade, and a 1986 McDonald's Kenny Easley with the original tab. I don't think I've ever received four different sizes of cards at one time.

Sunrise over Mt. Timpanogos, west side of the Wasatch Range. Yes, we're in the Rockies. I know you can't see the card, but the card isn't really the point here, is it?

While Reggie was visiting, I wanted to take him somewhere fun. All of my favorite touristy places in the state are in southern Utah, however, and I don't have any plans to head that way until April. I was thinking about posting a poll in the sidebar and having readers vote on where I should take him, but I don't want to keep him longer than necessary. So I just decided to let him enjoy the view from where he is. Welcome to my neighborhood, Reggie! I hope you enjoy your brief stay in Utah. Now I just need to find the next state to send him on to.


  1. That's awesome! Thanks for the update and picture. Looks like fitting 50 might be a problem, but I've got another double if it comes to that. Thanks for participating!

  2. Cool. Now Reggie has been somewhere I have been as well as at my home. Very familiar with "Timp". As for Reggie filling up - there's always the back of the card!

  3. I've got several of his friends that could join him.

  4. That Easley is awesome! 1986 McDonalds football cards aren't blogged about enough.