Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I Made a Trade with LV Through TCDB, BTW

It's always interesting to me to come across fellow bloggers on other sites.  While I don't post every trade that I make, I always post what I get from bloggers because I know my thanks won't fall on deaf ears.  In today's case, I was contacted by TCDB user stevienicks77, who turned out to be none other than Laurie D of LV's TTM Autograph blog.  We worked out a trade in December, so I'm a little late in posting, especially because she already posted on her end. Stevie, erm, LV, erm, Laurie was able to help me with a few set needs.

The majority of my end of the trade came from 2016 Archives.  I'm getting so close to finishing that set I can taste it.  Here is a sampling of the 1953 design from the set.  I'm always glad to add a Satchel Paige card to my collection.  I don't think he receives half the recognition he deserves for his amazing career.

Representing the 1979 design, we have some legends, current stars, a promising rookie, and a late ace.

1991 was my favorite design redux of the set, and these cards are the best.  It would be tough to find a better group of players than these six.  The Nolan Ryan card is phenomenal.  I also like the Goldschmidt because his cards usually feature him with a bat in his hands, but the 3-time Gold Glover is no slouch in the field, either.

Finally, I received one card each from two other sets I'm trying to complete.  I didn't even register that the "When I Was a Kid..." subset of 2013 Triple Play was an SP until had a hard time tracking them down for a price I was willing to pay for such cheap cards.  I'm completing the set just because I can, but I have to say that the SPs are better than the rest of the base set.

So there's my trade with a blogger through the outside venue, TCDB.  Thanks for the cards!  I appreciate the set help.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

How I Spent My Christmas Break

In my last post, I wrote that I was finished with cards for the year.  I had two weeks off of school and I made the decision that I would refrain from spending any time with my cardboard collection.  In the meantime, I planned to spend some time with one of my other hobbies, namely building stuff.  Like P-Town Tom a few weeks back, I pulled out my trusty Kreg Jig and my miter saw and set to work building a window seat/storage bench for our upstairs loft. 

This is what a two week break from cards will get you.  Child not included.  It's all finished now except for the painting, but that's my wife's job.  I saved a little time and money when I lucked into some dresser fronts in Ikea's scratch and dent corner.  All I had to do was frame it in, attach the facades, and build the lids.  Next project: a built-in bookcase to the left of this picture to complete our kids' reading nook.

Though I vowed to keep myself away from cards, the cards didn't stay away from me.  Since this is a card blog, I'll take this opportunity to show off some cardboard that came in the mail over the break, which I glanced at and tucked away in the closet until I could scan and file them.

First, there was a small PWE trade with Nachos Grande.  We swapped some Topps Gallery.  He is working on the set, and I just saw some guys I collect on his trade list.  The top two are base cards.  The Addison Russell on the bottom is an Artist Proof parallel.  Eric Hosmer is shown on a Masterpiece insert, which I really think is the best-looking set of the year.

Right before Christmas break, I made a purchase on ebay.  This Leaf Valiant card is quite pretty in-hand.  It's a shiny on-card auto, representing the 7th Brad Sorensen autograph in my collection.  And it only cost me $1.29 shipped.  I'll take that all day long.

It was good two weeks off, but I'm glad to be back at it now.  I am referring to both work and cards, of course.  I hope all of you had a good holiday season and have started the new year off on the right foot.