Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Card Madness 2016, Final Round

Well, the NCAA Championship game did not disappoint last night.  The last time the game was won on a buzzer beater, I had not yet had my first birthday.  Now it's time to see if we can replicate the suspense and drama with our final round of the inaugural Card Madness.  I think we may come close.  Or maybe not.  But let's find out who reigns supreme in random NFL cards.  Tonight's matchup features the Oakland Raiders vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

Final Round

2008 Score Hot Rookies #HR-4

Player: 2 Supremely talented player with an underwhelming career.
Design: 3 It's interesting, for sure.  But it's really cheesy.  The flames don't approach resemblance to real flames, and there is no real dimension of color.  I like the Hot Rookies emblem, though.
Photo: 3 It's Run DMC running.
Back: 2
Condition: 2 Two corners are slightly dinged. 

2007 Bowman Chrome #79

Player: 3 Contributed to his teams, but never really starred.
Design: 2 I mentioned my distasted for this set in an earlier round.  This Chrome version is only slightly better.
Photo: 2
Back: 2
Condition: 3

Final Score: Oakland Raiders 12, Minnesota Vikings 12

And it ends in a tie!  Is this a buzzer beater situation?  I don't know, but as outlined prior to the competition, any tie will be decided by my eyeball test.  Overall, which card do I prefer.  It's a gut feeling, but here it is.  Winner by decision is...

Oakland!  Darren McFadden pulls it out over Sidney Rice.  If I had given half points, I probably would have given McFadden a 2.5 rating in the player category.  That would give him a slight edge. But overall, if I had to choose either one of these cards on equal grounds, I would take the Darren McFadden.  So his team pulls out the win.

Our 2016 Card Madness Championship goes to the Oakland Raiders.  So how did they get here?  Check the bracket here.  And here is the 5-man roster who carried the team to victory.  (I totally meant to have 5 in the lineup to correspond with the basketball.  It wasn't a coincidence at all.  Really.  Right.)

I hope you've enjoyed the tournament.  It was a fun little exercise for me, and it let me play with my cards a little.  If you liked it, let me know.  Thanks for reading!

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