Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wishing All a White Christmas

By now, everybody has seen the Topps Holiday cards.  I've heard a wide array of opinions, but I've loved the looks of these cards from the beginning.  It's just plain fun, I think.  Now, I didn't hate the smoky design of this year's flagship as much as most; in fact, I'll take this design over anything Topps offered between 2012-2014.  But the snow is definitely an improved.  I know it's gimmicky, but it's a fun gimmick.  And because there is no baseball in the snow, I feel like it really sets these cards apart as something special and different.  If I saw the same design on football cards, I would just think of it as a cheesy design.  But baseball and snow is obviously meaning something special and different.

I bought my box last week and decided to wait until a snowy day to bust it.  I didn't have to wait long; it snowed two days later.  I'm not going for the set, but I do want my Cubs.  Given the cheapness of the box (about 20 cents a card) and the relative expensiveness of secondary market Cubs singles, I thought I may as well buy a box and get a whole bunch of snowy cards.  Here are my pulls.

Of the 12 Cubs on the checklist, I pulled 7.  I would still like the others, if anybody has them available.  I have most of my box that I am willing to trade, but I'll have to post a list of tradebait for anybody trying to complete the set.

A couple of additions to my All-Star MVP collection.

Some former Rookies of the Year.

Including the two newest additions to my binder.

My promised relic was one of my ROY collection.  Not a bad hit, I've got to say.  Again, $20 for a box of cool cards and a promised relic is good for me, and it's rare for me to pull a hit that actually fits into my collection.  I'll take it.

One of the reasons this product is so affordable is that it is basically just base and one parallel.  The parallel is not nearly as cool as the base, I think, as it is just sparkly snowflakes.  Any of these "metallic" flake cards is up for trade.  None of these fits into my collection.

I'll get a tradebait list up for this set to see if I can pull in some more Cubs I need.  In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

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