Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Huge TCDB Trade

I just finished a trade with TCDB user jlcre2003.  He approached me about a monster trade involving hundreds of cards, and I was interested.  He wanted mostly recent Topps inserts from me.  In return, I got, well, a little bit of everything.  Baseball and football mini-colletions and PCs, set help, Cubs and loads of cool new Packers.  I’ll just hit you with the highlights.

Let’s start with some baseball.  I apologize in advance for the picture quality.  I've been without a scanner for some months now, and my phone has recently started taking really washed out pictures.  I don't know what is wrong, but I'm going to go out on a limb and point the finger at my one year-old toddler, who loves to suck on whatever she finds, including smart phones.

Here we have our All-Star MVPs.

Extra points for Bobby Bonds as a Cub.

Speaking of Cubs, I got some Cubs from all eras

Vintage.  (1982 is vintage right?  I consider it vintage.  I think it predates junk wax.)

Junk wax of a couple of Cubbie legends.

The lost years for me.  Remlinger and Wellemeyer are new to my Cubs collection.

This comes from an insert set that I had no idea existed.  I like the concept, but I don't think I'll be chasing the set just yet.  Right now this will just have to be filed under "Miscellaneous Baseball Cards that I Kind of Like."

I only got one card to help a baseball set build, but it feels like an appropriate card to display this week.  Congrats to Pudge and the other new Hall of Fame inductees.

Set help for football came in more abundance.  Here is a selection of (mostly) Hall of Fame players from that set, along with the reigning Super Bowl MVP when the set was made.  The picture at the top of the post is a stack made entirely of 1988 Topps.  A mere 4 months after deciding I was going to complete the set, I've completed 80% of it.  Not too shabby.

A few other sets got some miscellaneous help, as well.

On to the All-Decades.  Here are some 80s greats.  I love the 1987 Topps Jerry Rice.  He appears to be getting ready to throw the football from the Jack Murphy infield.  

All 90s.  I know they may not have a ton of monetary value, but the Bruce Matthews and Randall McDaniel are Hall of Fame rookie cards.

And the 2000s team.  Kevin Mawae and Walter Jones are really hard to find.  Thank goodness for Topps Total and offensive lineman cards.

Like the Cubs, I got some Packers from all eras, too.

70s vintage.

Junk wax.

Late 90s.

Lost years.  Love the KGB.  I don't have much of him.

More lost years from Topps Total.

The inimitable Brett Favre.  The four on the left are a subset from the 1994 Roger Staubach brand.  I'd never known they existed.

Some additions to my BYU collectioin.  Dennis Pitta just joined Austin Collie as a career-ending injury casualty.  Both of them showed real talent and the ability to succeed and even stand out in the NFL, but both had insane bad luck when it came to injuries.  Collie was on the receiving end of some particularly vicious hits and ended up with a few concussions, while Pitta just kept breaking his hip.  

And finally, one more addition to my Brad Sorensen collection.  It's growing slowly, but there isn't a proliferation of cards to be had.  I pick them up one at a time here and there.

This trade was huge, and even with all the pictures I shared, this barely scratched the surface.  A big thanks to jlcre2003 for the trade.


  1. That was some trade! I have very fond memories of the '88 Topps football set, as it was the first football set that I ever completed, sometime in the mid 90's (I think).

    Oh, and I don't think most people would consider 1982 to be vintage. But, it definitely isn't junk wax either.

  2. Wow. What a trade! Digging the late 90s stuff