Friday, November 9, 2018

Ho Hum, It's Just a Pedestrian Collection Package

Chris, the Collector, has recently finished his Sports Card Tour and has been one of the most active bloggers I've seen in the cardsphere of late.  When he's not posting new content, he's one of the first commenters on a lot of the blog posts that I read.  It seems like it just registered with each of us that we are both cheeseheads, and Chris reached out to offer me some extra Packers he had.  Since he is just getting started with the Trading Card Database (username: hockeydude), we went that route to complete our trade.

First, Chris found some early 90's holes to plug in my collection.  I feel like I had most of these cards at some point in my life, but I'm not sure whatever happened to them.

Here are three QBs who appeared on cards in 1992.  All three of these cards pull double duty in my collection.  Ty Detmer is a BYU legend who was drafted by Green Bay in 1992.  This card will go in the Packers binder.  Mike Tomczak started 7 games for the Pack in 1991 and was rewarded with green and gold card in 1992, but he spent the '92 season in Cleveland.  This particular Tomczak card will go in my 1992 Ultra set build binder, as it was missing before.  1992 was the first year a kid named Brett Favre donned a Packers helmet.  Sixteen years later, he would retire as a Packer.  Kind of.  The first time, at least.  This card will go in my 1990s All-Decade Team binder.  Three QBs, one year, three different binders.

Speaking of great quarterbacks, all three of these Packer signal callers have a legitimate argument as the best of their generation.  They face stiff competition, to be sure, but they were (and are) outstanding for years at the helm of the Green Bay offense.  Yes, we Packer fans have been spoiled.  I'm really not looking forward to the day when Rodgers calls it quits.  We've seen Hundley and Kizer and what this team is without Aaron Rodgers.  It's not pretty.

Here is an indication that there is something wrong with us collectors.  These two cards came in the same package.  They look identical.  Did I really need both?

Yes, apparently.  If you look at the birthplace line, they are different.  The bottom is an error; Sharpe was born in Chicago.  See, they're two completely different cards.  See?

 We're not done with the legends, either.  Here is another card filling a dual role for me.  This card will likely end up completing my Hornung page in the Heisman binder.

There were some notable rookies included in the trade package.  I believe this is my first Robert Brooks rookie, so I'm very pleased.  The red foil Johnathan Franklin is serial numbered to 199.  I don't know why, but Franklin is a guy I just like to collect, even though he had only 19 carries in his pro career.

How about some fan favorites?  I'm always happy to add a new Jordy Nelson, who is probably my #2 PC guy.  John Kuhn and B.J. Raji are fun, too.  I believe this is the first Tramon Williams that will go into my Packers binder, outside of the set builder cards I have of him.  And I love that Leroy Butler.  He was probably my favorite 90s Packer besides Reggie White.

Chris also threw in some extras.  The Schwarbers are nice, especially the 1st Bowman Chrome card.  Orlando Pace and Dermontti Dawson were beasts, and I love the o-line cards.

Chris may call his blog "The Pedestrian Collector," but this trade package was a bit more than that for me.  Thanks for the great first trade!  I hope there are many more to follow.


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    1. Thanks for the kind words! I'm happy to help fill some holes in your Packers collection. The Sharpe Pro Set ERR/COR would have escaped me if not for TCDB. I'm in the process of adding my football card collection to the site; perhaps that will trigger a second trade before long..

      ...did you say "1992 Ultra set build"? I can definitely help with that!

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  3. It's nice to hear that you kids finally found each other :)