Monday, November 4, 2019

The Lost Collector, Found

I really enjoy trading cards with people. By far, most of my trades are done on the Trading Card Database. However, I always prefer to trade with bloggers when I can. I think this is because I feel like I know the bloggers. I've read your musings. I understand why you want the cards you do. I feel like a member of a community that is always trying to help each other out. TCDB, on other hand, sometimes feels like a tradelist to mine. I know many of the people there are great, and I enjoy reading the forums, but I still don't feel as if I know TCDB collectors the same way I know bloggers.

Well, when AJ, the Lost Collector, wrote a blog post about joining TCDB, I immediately looked him up. I've never traded with AJ, but I thought this would be a pretty easy way to reach out. Plus, it was a best of both worlds situation--I would be trading with a blogger, but also have the assurance that the cards I was sending would be ones that he wanted. Because, for all the great things about trading with fellow bloggers, there is always the risk that the cards I send might not be wanted/needed. In AJ's case, I was fairly certain that I wouldn't have any Tinos for him, but thought I might have some other Yanks.

It turns out that I did have a handful of Yankees to find a home with the Lost Collector. I sent a few cards, including a Gleyber Torres rookie and an Aaron Judge insert in exchange for some 2019 Big League set help.

 Sometimes baseball players need to throw the ball. Like these players here.  Throwing the baseball.

And sometimes players have to hit the ball and run. Whether they're throwing, hitting, or running, all of these cards bring me a step closer to my Big League set.

Thanks, AJ! It was good to finally trade with you--mere years after I started following your blog.


  1. Thanks, Trevor! Likewise. Was a quick and easy trade, and hopefully we can make another trade soon.

  2. I appreciate your sentiments on preferring to trade with bloggers. It is a fairly tight knit community, which makes it easier to get to know each other, and is probably why most of us feel like were a part of something special.

    On an unrelated note, I don't have an email address for you, and I need one for the Secret Santa, so I'd be most grateful if you could send me one (mine is listed on the sign-up page) whenever you get a spare moment.

  3. Good post and I do love that set. One of my favorites of all-time. And AJ is great to trade with that is for sure.