Thursday, January 16, 2020

Trade Map 2019

My final recap of 2019 will be a visual of the wide-reaching online trading community. The map above shows the location of every transaction I had through TCDB or with other bloggers. I did not include any eBay purchases or anything like that. These are all trades or care packages. I could do some kind of analysis on this, but I'll just take it at face value and look at all the pins to see where I have made hobby contact this year. There is one more spot that didn't show up on this map; way out in the Pacific, I traded with Honolulu.

Along with the map, I'll clean out my scan folder of some TCDB trades that I never got to posting this year. Some nice Packers:

 El Mago (and another great defender):

Some insert set builds and PCs:
All-Decade Players:

I especially like the Michael Strahan Skybox rookie. Thanks for checking out my page. If you're in a state that I didn't trade with this year, let's see if we can fill out my map a little more this year.


  1. I'm working on a stack of Cubs for you at the moment. A few football guys might make their way in there, too!

  2. Very cool map. It's fun to see where a big flow of collectors are and where our trades came from. I wished I had kept track.

  3. The map idea is pretty cool. Interesting that they actually put Sacramento on it, but not Los Angeles, Portland, Dallas, and other key cities around the country.

  4. Very cool! I always regretted not doing a map like this for eBay sales.

    Is there an official all-decade team for the 2010s yet?

    p.s. GO PACK GO! :)

  5. Tongs of great cards. The Elway is really nice one and I'm a big fan of the 1000 yard sets. Fun post.