Friday, July 16, 2021

Paying It Forward Again

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post expressing my gratitude for the benevolence found among card bloggers and the TCDB community. I put up what I had hoped to be the first of several card giveaways. Thank you to all who claimed some! (Sidebar: John Sharp, if you're reading, I still need your address to send you your claim.) Afterward, the card community showed what they were all about once again.

Reader Randy claimed some cards from my post. About a week later I received a RAK from him, out of the blue. He sent a note saying he had found these cards on my TCDB wantlist.

We have Rookie of the Year Pat Zachry, All-Star Frankenset filler Dan Petry, and former BYU Cougar Wally Ritchie. Thanks, Randy!

Then one of my TCDB trades came in last week. Among other cards were these three awesome college cards.
The trade was packaged in a 9-pocket page in PWE. The bottom row of the page had a sticky note saying these cards were extras from my wantlist. The note ended with "PIF."
So I'm going to keep paying it forward. The same deal as last time: make a claim in the comments and make sure I have your mailing address.
We'll start with some football.
Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4
Group 5

And we'll end with some baseball.

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Group 9

Group 10

Also, any unclaimed cards from the last giveaway are still available. Just let me know if you want anything. If I don't have your current address, please email it to me at tntcardsstg at gmail. Hope you find something you like!


  1. May I claim Group 7 TOP row.

    I'll get you my info.

    Appreciate it.

  2. Can't find your info, so-
    Email me -

  3. Thank you again for your kindness and genorsity. I am putting together cards for you. May I claim the following cards please: group 1 Ozzie Newsome, Bernie Kosar; group 3 Don Shula; group 8 Team traditions Cardinals, Opening Day Indians and Red Sox; group 9 Adam Cimber and Johnny Bench. Thank you again!

  4. It won't reduce your extras by much, but I'd be down for the Howie Long '89 Pro Set. And if he needs a home, I'll be more than happy to take another '89 Reggie Roby as well.

  5. Nomar pinnacle mint and Andre Williams Green! Thanks! Still need to post your last one!

  6. I'd be happy to take the Merrifield OD blue, Fisk McDonald's and Jordy Nelson Prestige off your hands if they're still available. Thanks for paying it forward!

  7. Can I claim Group 2 Sterling Shepard, Group 9 Ryan Helsley, Group 10 Flaherty and Bader. Got some cards I'm mailing you this weekend. Thanks!