Thursday, March 10, 2022


This year, I'm really going to try to keep up with the incoming trades on the blog better than I have in the past. With that in mind, here are some mail days that need recognition.

First, a blogger who deserves some kudos for his generosity. Kerry at Cards on Cards recently had a giveaway from some current year football he picked up. I was able to snag these two excellent cards for my collection.

Also coming in this month was a trade with TCDB user Jasfor. I was happy to get some help for a couple of Big League insert sets I'm building. He was happy to finally find someone who would take his 1991 BYU Safety Jared Leavitt off his hands. I asked him how he came across it in the first place, and he said he was from Idaho Falls, so somewhat local. Living in BYU Country, he comes across Cougar oddballs in his LCS. Not only was it an awesome card to receive in a TCDB trade, but I'm always glad to discover somewhat nearby trading partners.

From a fan of Boise St., a budding rivalry with BYU, to a fan of Iowa St., a prospective Big XII conference rival. TCDBer IowaStateBison sent another pair of Defensive Wizards for my set build. But if you're paying attention, you may have noticed that David Peralta came in the last trade. Yes, I received the same card in two different PWEs on the same day. I didn't notice that I had that card as part of both trades. The three cards in the top row are part of some Panini game that I had never heard of. I'm not big into TCGs, so I'm not in love with the cards, but they're Taysom Hill, Kyle Van Noy, and Daniel Sorensen, so I must have them.

These cards came from Coleman23. As much I disliked the tired Topps Salute inserts they ran, I have to say the Javy Baez in the middle makes for one nice-looking card.

CoachBarry sent a nice trade my way. I want to give a shout-out to him for his generosity. After we had both accepted our transaction on the Database, he sent me another proposal with just a few cards coming my way and nothing that I was giving. He explained that he was missing one of the cards in the original proposal, so this was to make it up. I told him that it was a nice, but unnecessary gesture, and he didn't need to do that. He then replied that they were already on the way. I appreciate his thoughtfulness. Thank you!

A good mix of cards from hawkking. The green you are seeing in the background is because I've been scanning in card images for TCDB and I was having some difficulty finding the edges to crop and straighten with the white background. I learned from Billy Kingsley that it helps to have a different background color, so I taped green paper on my scanner. So you will see many scans in the future with green backgrounds.

And my most recent trade comes from sheepboy. Most of these go toward my All-Star project, but I really love the photo of the defensive tackle throwing the football. The National Baseball Card Day of Derek Jeter is nice, too.

So there's a variety of cards coming my lately. Thanks to all my blogging and TCDB trading partners. It makes the hobby fun to receive these cards from all over and feel like you're helping somebody else with their collection when you send things off to different places.


  1. Those Big League Defensive Wizards inserts are awesome, and I was disappointed when I found out there were no Red Sox players represented on it.

  2. That green background looks nice and fits your theme here

  3. Nice Orie. We share the same birthday.

  4. Hopefully Keith Millard didn't quit his day job :)

  5. Lots of great cards here. I'll have to try that colored paper trick, my scanner is always so fussy. I've traded with a couple of the users you mentioned. Always nice to see the generosity in adding extra cards to a trade, even to make up for one missing single.

  6. Nice pickups! The Baez card has that ribbon almost perfectly placed :)