Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Card Show March

Before I get into today's card show finds, let me acknowledge those who would like to help with my 2022 Opening Day sets. A couple of people commented on my last post that they, too, had some collation issues with Opening Day and asked what my set needs were. I thank you for the offer to help. Here is a link to my base set and Bomb Squad needs. And if you are working on the set and need help, well, maybe I have something you need too.

In November I attended a card show and left disheartened. I swore off card shows for a while because there was just never anything there that I connected with. But give that decision a few months and . . .
The next card show I heard about was in March. And, of course, I was all excited to go. I don't know if I have a short memory or a severe addiction, but I was ready to let bygones be bygones and give the show another try.

Maybe all we needed was a change of scenery. When I walked into the mall, I discovered that it was not in the same place it had been. It took me a minute of walking around to find it, but I did.

I didn't spend much, but I did find a few things I liked. This trio cost me a dollar from one seller.

I spent a long time digging through one seller's quarter box. I spent enough time talking to him and picked out enough cards that he turned them into 15-cent cards for me.

These were mostly for my ROY collection. You can see from these first couple of pictures that I found a few Archives and Cards That Never Were, like Robinson, Carter, Bench, and Murphy.

These are cards I found interesting, most for my All-Star Project.

Here are some former All-Stars from sets that are old enough to have gotten the Heritage treatment last decade. The condition may be rough, but these are definitely worth a dime and a nickel apiece.

Baseball wasn't all he had to offer. I was happy to add all of these football cards to my collection. I realized that even though I love Johnny Unitas, he doesn't fit into any of my collecting niches. That doesn't mean I won't take cards of him, though. I'll find a spot. 

I thought I picked up more from this guy, but I don't know what happened to the scans.

My last purchase was a grab bag. They were reasonably priced and advertised some hot packs and hits inside. I found one that had a couple of cards I wanted showing through the team bag, so I decided to roll the dice.

I didn't get one of the big hits advertised, but apparently, I got one of the "rookies and inserts only" packs. Which isn't too shabby. I'm not complaining.

Lots of shiny from this year!

Besides actually finding some cards that I wanted, the experience as a whole was better this time than in the winter. I'm glad I forgot my vow to avoid card shows because I had fun.


  1. I will go through my Opening Day cards and see hpw I can help yoi out.

  2. It's good to hear that you got back on the horse! Hopefully those shows will continue to grow and improve, as I don't think that the boom will be ending anytime soon.