Monday, July 11, 2022

I Received 5% of Night Owl's 5,000 Card Giveaway

And it was pretty great. Actually, I don't really know how accurate that number is, either. To tell the truth, I didn't count to know if there were exactly 250 cards. And I don't know how many he sent other people. All I know is that I received a large envelope from upstate New York and I enjoyed going through it immensely.

There was a good variety. This pic shows the cards divided up by decade, plus some football and non-sport cards. I think Night Owl was glad to have someone like me who would gladly accept some random football cards in the package. More on that later.

Greg made sure to include some Cubs for my collection. There's a nice Coca-Cola food issue there and my first Topps Super 70 on-demand that I particularly love.

Here are some hits for my All-Star MVP and Rookie of the Year collections. Dustin Pedroia on the bottom is a box bottom cut out from 2009 O-Pee-Chee.

Speaking of 2009 OPC, N.O. sent a handful of those to me, but none were base cards. They were all the black-bordered parallel. I didn't have any of these before, so it was kind of cool to see them come in.

These six were just what I needed for my All-Star project. I now have cards of 1190 of the 1909 players who have been MLB All-Stars through the years.

These two made nice additions to my Frankenset. I couldn't NOT include Patrick Mahomes, Sr. in action.

Of all the football Night Owl sent, these two best fit in my collection: a Press Proof parallel of a former BYU Cougar and a shiny insert of All-2000s running back Curtis "My Favorite" Martin.

These cards didn't quite fit in my collection but were notable anyway. Those Panini Black Gold cards are THICK. I have a few of them and I think the shadow box effect is really cool on them.

Here are some interesting cards that just didn't quite fit in my collection, but I was still happy to receive them. The A&G Thunderlips (AKA, Hulk Hogan) and Fishing Lures cards already had TCDB offers before I even finished putting all of these on my tradelist.

Finally, some entertainment cards that Night Owl sent my way. These are the first Musicards I've ever owned. None of these are artists I have ever really listened to and some I've never even heard of (I'm looking at you, Bonham.). If I had to choose a favorite artist from this bunch, I'd have to go with Huey Lewis.

So thank you, Greg, for letting me take part in your massive 5,000 card house-cleaning giveaway. I don't know how many other lucky bloggers received football cards in their packages, but I was happy to take some on. I am sure, however, that everybody who got something enjoyed it as much as I did. A great variety of great stuff here, indeed.


  1. I am digging the non sport stuff you got! The allen ginter, the music and the Magnum PI. Cool!!

  2. Great variety... with a bunch of cool cards. Love the Magnum PI card!

  3. I have never seen that Pedroia box bottom before - great photo!

  4. Don't know that I've seen anyone show any of the non-sport content from NO's repacks, very cool! Love the 2009 OPCs as well, really wish that set could've lasted a few more years.

  5. Debbie Gibson.... prrrrrrr :)

  6. Awfully good stuff from the Night Owl! Hey, that guy looks like...Tom Selleck!

  7. I am just now seeing this. Man I suck. But I send out prize repacks. Go me!