Friday, March 31, 2023

2023 Card Madness 2023: The Final Four

Ever since I was a kid, March Madness always culminated in the Final Four for me. I always paid more attention to who made it to the Final Four than who actually won the championship. We now have our Final Four in both NCAA basketball and Bump and Run's Card Madness. Tomorrow, we'll see who wins the basketball semi-finals. Today, we'll check out the card competition. Today, we have two matchups. Two winners who will face off in the championship round.

Round 4 Semi-Finals: Minnesota Twins vs. San Diego Padres

2017 Topps #227 Byron Buxton vs. 2017 Topps Update #US267 Jhoulys Chacin

If I have a complaint about this tournament, it's that 2017 Topps has been waaay over-selected by the randomizer. Here we have to see it twice. The thing that stands out to me in both of these cards is the way the ball is hanging in the photo. That alone might have been able to push Chacin to victory--he has a perfectly-framed shot with the pitch on its way. But when Buxton has the same thing as he is about to make the catch, I defer to player quality. Buxton wins in that category.

Winner: Twins

Round 4 Semi-Finals: Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals

1987 Donruss #594 Drew Hall vs. 1990 Topps #341 Tim Foley

Well, neither of these two matchups are too exciting, are they? This second one features two Junk Wax Era cards of definite non-stars. Comparing players, Foley has the advantage, as his 5.4 career WAR towers over Hall's negative number. Both photos are a little fuzzy, which isn't uncommon for their day, but Foley's action shot is better than a somewhat doofy head shot of Drew Hall. I don't mind 1987 Donruss and the little baseballs in the border are a nice touch. But I like the comic book colors on 1990 Topps more. Plus, I'm still on a little '90 Topps high from my frenetic set build from scratch last summer. It looks like my Cubbies' run has come to an end.

Winner: Nationals

And with that, our championship round is set. Minnesota vs. Washington. We'll return on Monday to crown our Card Madness champs.


  1. The original Washington franchise (Twins) vs. the current one!

  2. Boy, the randomizer has no sense of drama! Or maybe it's just saving it for the finals. Agreed on both your picks.

  3. As much as I love me an Expos card and a nicely cropped action shot... I would have went with the Cubs. I opened a fair share of 1987 Donruss packs and don't remember seeing that Hall. Pretty sure that card is now going to haunt me for at least the near future.