Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Great Collecting Mind: Trade Post


Recently, Greg from The Collective Mind blog reached out to claim a couple of trade bait inserts I posted on my blog.  We worked out a trade that, for my part, helped me knock off some set needs.  Some vintage Packers also made their way to me, highlighted by my first MacArthur Lane card.  The All-Pro cards are pretty cool, too, as I never remember Ted Hendricks as a Packer (I'm a bit too young for that) and John Hannah, the non-Packer guard on the card, is one of my all-time favorites.

Adding to my Packer collection is always great, but this year's collecting goal for me was to whittle down my set needs.  Coming up at the end of the year, I'll post more about set building.  Right now, I'll just show my new additions.

For my sets, Greg, helped me inch closer to my 2008 Topps set.  I'm down to about 60 needs for this one, but I don't think I'll finish it before the year closes out.

Eleven cards toward my favorite set from 2015, Topps Platinum.  I'm now down to eight on this one, but I should have it finished off with an order I'm placing this week.

For you baseball-only readers, I did get a pair of cards to help me with my baseball sets.

This elusive Fergie was the last card for my 2012 Cooperstown set!  This is one of those, "I swear that set was complete, but now I need another card?!" instances.  I think I'm going to start keeping track of the last card needed to complete a set.

I love the Perspectives set from this year's flagship.  This has been an interesting set build.  I'm attempting to complete an insert set without purchasing a single pack of the product.  That's right, I have opened exactly zero packs of flagship this year.  I spent my money on Opening Day, Bunt, and Archives.  After completing Opening Day, with its nearly identical cards, I didn't really care to bust a bunch (or any) of flagship.  I'll just take what comes in trades.  I'm about halfway done with Perspectives.  Not too bad, in my opinion.

Anytime I can get vintage Packers, it's a good day.  When I can add some set help on top of that, it's a great day.  Thanks, Greg, for a good trade.  I look forward to trading again.

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  1. I may have go check out your want list to see if I can help with anything