Friday, November 11, 2016

Kindling Some New Trade Flames

I recently discovered a new blog, Rekindling the Cardboard Flame.  It appears that this blog was started just a few months ago, and just a few months after mine.  When I saw that we were working on 2008 Topps football, I reached out to see if he needed some of my extras.  Hey, we blogging noobs have to stick together. 

Most of my end was set help for the 2016 Panini football set.  Tyler sent more, but these are some of the key rookies that I needed.  I didn't even realize that Zeke was one of the numbers I was going to receive, and I'm glad Tyler was gracious enough to include the card without demanding a premium for it.  Zeke is definitely hot right now.

And here are two more Accolades that I needed.  My wantlist is now down to 13 cards.  I may be in the minority, but I rank Manning and Marino higher on my list of GOAT QBs than Brady.  My reasoning is simply that these two (along with Dan Fouts and probably Drew Brees) are probably the best pure passers.  I know Montana and Brady had that intangible "It Factor" that brought home the championships, but Manning and Marino were simply phenomenal passers.  I view football as too much of a team sport to place as much emphasis on Brady's championships as others do.  Likewise, I give Manning pretty much zero credit for ending his career with a Super Bowl victory.  Frankly, I kind of hate the debate because it's impossible to say, but I do like seeing these two arms side-by-side.

The package wasn't all set needs, though.  Here we have some new Packers for my collection, including two more for the Jordy Nelson PC.

And we'll end with 2 legendary BYU defenders.  Both have proven to be solid NFL players, though Keisel is starting to wind down while Ziggy is just getting started.  I love the idea of Absolute's Unsung Heroes set, and it's very satisfying to see a former Cougar make an appearance.  I've seen just a few Keisel cards out there, which I suppose is the purpose of the set: to give some cardboard cred to some dudes who don't get a lot of love.

Thanks for the trade, Tyler.  I'm always open to "rekindling" a trade connection in the future.

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