Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Pair of Packer Packages from Ebay

I recently picked up a couple of Packers lots on ebay.  One was a part of an order in which I also picked up a non-Packers card, which I'll show off first.

I recently came to the conclusion that defensive players no longer get enough love in most card sets.  I found that most sets have a few offensive players and maybe one defensive star for each team.  I started thinking about which defenders I would like to collect, and decided that Eric Berry is one of my favorite guys in the NFL.  His story alone warrants attention.  He missed half of the 2014 season after being diagnosed with lymphoma, underwent chemotherapy in the offseason, and returned to the in 2015.  In fact, he played every game in 2015 and garnered All-Pro honors along the way.  That's incredible to me.  So when I came across an auto on ebay, I looked into it.

The seller was obviously from the KC area, as they had a ton of IP autos of Chiefs and Royals.  I know there is no guarantee when buying a non-certified auto, but I figured for less than a buck, I'd add it to my collection.  I checked it against some of his known autographs and feel fairly certain that this is the real deal.

To save on shipping, I added a Green Bay lot from the same seller.

Obviously, this seller likes Finest.  The second Montgomery is a silver parallel numbered to 150.  I'll be interested to see what his future holds.  Will he remain a running back?  If so, does the team let Eddie Lacy walk?  Do they try to draft a new running back or do they give Montgomery the job?

Speaking of Eddie Lacy, here he is on three cards.  I hope he sticks around and stays healthy/conditioned.  I really like his running style.  And chasing his rookie cards is one of the things that brought me full-scale back into the hobby, so he holds a special place in my heart (and my collection).

Some more Finest of who I believe also has an uncertain future in Green Bay.  No he's not a free agent this, but I'm guessing that his price tag, combined with the wealth of receiving talent on the team, will be enough that his next contract will not be with the Packers.

Some new Aaron Rodgers, including a couple of parallels finishes out this order.

My second ebay Packers order features some oddballs.

These 1985 McDonald's cards were apparently part of a promotional game and did have tabs on the bottom.  I picked this lot up for $2.  I was surprised when they arrived that they were so oddly shaped.  I didn't expect squares that were too big for pages, so into the extra Packers box they went.  But I still think they're pretty darn cool.

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