Wednesday, March 8, 2017

All the Burlap in the World

It is a rare feat for me to finish a set within the year it was released.  Normally it takes me years to complete a set.  I’ve learned from reading the blogs that people aren’t crazy about burlap, but I’ve been excited for the new Heritage.  Heritage has been a fun break before, but while looking on ebay for a box, I found a presell complete set and put in a lowball offer.  Then, surprise!  I got it!  You’ve mostly seen the burlap already, so here are the puzzles on the All-Star cards:

(This was 100 words, by the way.)


  1. The puzzle set looks pretty cool put together

  2. Nice to see them that way. They should make 'em out of 8 (or 9 the other way) cards so they fit in a sheet together.

  3. That's cool! Looks great together like that!