Monday, June 26, 2017

TCDB Trades Are Coming More Slowly Now

After a flurry of trade activity when I first joined the Trading Card Database, the trading has slowed considerably.  This has been partly because all those voracious traders have gotten what they need from my tradelist, and partly because I'm taking a semi-break from new card acquisitions.  I'm trying to get organized and I can't keep up with a ton of incoming cards and my reorganization.  So here is my one trade for the month of June, my second trade with jmiller4.

The highlight of the trade for me was the near-completion of Series 1.  I'm now only 3 cards away from Series 1.  Here are the more notable cards from this trade.  I love the Sano dugout shot.

Five new Gracies for my collection.  I'm surprised a couple of these weren't in my collection already, since they look so familiar, but they are new to me.

We can't forget his infield mate, the great Ryno.  The middle card is Rainbow parallel from TSC and the next one is an insert with Carlos Baerga on the back.

I also got some random 2000s Cubs that I needed.  Some of these players are the first I have in my collection.  I'm digging the Rich Hill rookie, even if he isn't duplicating last year's success this year.

Finally, I can't have a trade package without some football involved.  Here we have some All-Decade guys with a former BYU great (and current BYU coach). 

I appreciate the trade package from jmiller4.  It had about everything for me: set help, Cubs, All-Decade NFLers, BYU, and Green Bay.  I like the variety.

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