Monday, July 3, 2017

Free Swag From a Cutch Collector

A couple of months ago, Collecting Cutch hosted what has been the best giveaway of the year, in my opinion.  He asked everybody to show off their Top 10 cards of their favorite player.  I loved reading all the posts and seeing what other people valued most concerning the player of whom they value everything.  There was a great response to the contest, and, if I understood correctly, every entrant came away with something. 

I got my package a couple of weeks ago, along with a note apologizing for not having very many Packers cards.  The reason?  Apparently, Brian "torched" all of his Green Bay cards after they beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl a few years back.  Well, Brian, I'm sorry about that, but not really.  That didn't stop him from putting together a nice little package.

Not everything Green and Gold was ashes, fortunately, as this beauty found a spot in the package (and my collection).  Abbrederis was used sparingly during the regular, but saw some good action in the playoffs in 2015, starting a game and making six grabs for 69 yards that year.  He signed with Detroit this offseason, but this is still an awesome card, numbered to 150.

A few new Cubs came along with the big prize, including that USA Baseball Albert Almora.  I don't generally collect USA baseball cards because it feels weird to me to have cards of kids I don't know, some of whom may even be under 16.  But it is fun to see players who have made a name for themselves back when they were barely beginning to realize their dreams.

Finally, a really cool card (to me): an Andrew McCutchen oddball!  This is a 2006 Police Card, and one that I would have never even known that it existed if it hadn't been sent to me.  I may not collect Cutch, but he is one of my favorite guys in the MLB, so this card will stay put with me.  I love it.

Thanks again, Brian, for the awesome contest and great package.  I may never be able to send you a Cutch that you don't already own, but maybe someday I'll be able to get something good out to you.


  1. Nice mail day! I actually like the usa stuff. All pretty rookies to me. Usually priced cheaper on boxes too

  2. Sorry for the late response. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards. I believe the Police Card is actually from 2013/2014 as the same set included Starling Marte and Gaby Sanchez. I did find some of my other football cards but nothing noteworthy regarding Packers.