Thursday, July 13, 2017

Best Baseball Card Story Ever

My local news station ran a story yesterday about a Tennessee card collector who needed a kidney.  When his wife found out she would be a match for a transplant, she had Topps make up a custom card for him, announcing that his wife would be donating a kidney to him.  She then presented him with a pack of cards, with the custom card as the last card in the pack.  After a moment of dumbfounded surprise, he broke down with emotion as he realized just what he was reading.  I'm attaching a link to the original CBS story (which repeatedly calls the baseball cards "playing cards"). 

It seems that good stories are rare on the news.  We all know that tragedy sells.  But even rarer than a story of selflessness is one involving baseball cards.  I'm glad to see this man receive such an act of love, gratified to see his wife put such thought into finding a special way to present him with the news, and even more pleased to see a card collector get even more pleasure from his passion.  Kudos to you, Mrs. Winfree.


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  1. You aren't kidding about tragedy sells - so very awesome to see such a happy story making it's way across media. The baseball card connection is a pleasant bonus!