Monday, July 10, 2017

Surprise Mail Day

In the back of my mind, I'm always keeping track of packages that  I'm expecting to receive in the near future.  Between ebay, blog trades and Zistle/TCDB trades, it seems that there is usually at least one thing en route every week.  Sometimes, I end up waiting longer than I expect to receive something.  And even more rarely, something show's up in the mailbox that I had no idea was even coming.  GCA treated me to one of those surprises this past month.

Included in his package was a note that said that I have an easy wantlist for him to hit.  I know why that is.  Compared to so many bloggers that have been in the game for longer, my have list is much more wide open.  Commons from the 80s and 90s?  I probably need them.  I see collectors posting about their 1000th card of a single player in their PC.  Geez, my Packers and Cubs collections are right around 1000 cards total for each team.  My largest quantity for a single player has yet to reach 100.  The point is, I'm easy to find cards for because I need so many.

In this surprise package, Greg hit mini-collections and set needs, and did a good job of hitting cards I didn't have.

First, I got a healthy stack of 1992 Fleer football.  I needed all of them.  This is a prime example of what I'm saying.  How many other people would be excited to see a bunch of this set show up in the mailbox?  I, however, was really happy.  I'm getting closer to finishing this set.

Oh look, another set from 1992 that I'm trying to complete.  This is just the highlight reel, as Greg sent me about a dozen needs from this set.  

The last set need that Greg hit was a more recent insert set.  I have to say, I really don't like the Boston Beards, but I like the set revolving around superstitions in baseball, so this set was definitely on my wantlist.

All of these cards represent All-Star MVPs or ROYs.   And they're all oddballs.  We have cards that once accompanied breakfast cereal, snack cakes, fast food, and restaurants.  This in and of itself would make this package. 

Of course, there were more than the few cards I showed here, but this is a good representation of how easy I am to please and how Greg seems to have found a welcome place to unload cards that probably nobody else wants.  Thanks for the surprise package, Greg.  I'll work on building a return package, but you might need to give me some time because I don't have much for you yet.  The favor will not go unreturned!


  1. Always fun to get a surprise mail day

  2. No rush my friend. Probably better to wait a while anyway, since I have the big show in Chantilly this weekend and then the National in a couple weeks, so my lists will be a-changin' anyway.

    Always glad to help.