Thursday, October 5, 2017

2017 Prestige Football, Pt. 2

Let's continue looking at the only football set I'm looking to complete this year: Panini Prestige.  We're two years into the Panini Dynasty in football, and I still look longingly at my Topps sets from years past.  I really don't care too much for many of Panini's products, and they just seem more expensive than Topps's former offerings.  Prestige has has kind of become Panini's "flagship" product to me, though I'm sure other people would disagree.  I have four more fat packs to show, and I'll stick to the most interesting of the pulls--the four best vets, the rookies, the parallels, and the inserts.

Pack 5

    I have to say, this is one great pack for me.  The best vets are a trio of talented wideouts.  The rookies, though.  Two Packers, one of them being my man Jamaal Williams (J-Swag Daddy, to us BYU fans), the other being first rounder Kevin King.  So far, Jamaal hasn't had too many snaps, and got hurt soon after getting a chance to step in for an injured Ty Montgomery.  King has looked talented but raw, in my opinion, but I think the Packers have a good corner in the making.

Then we move to the inserts.  Another Packer (score!), another Phenomenal Athlete for the insert set I'm chasing.  I'm glad to see Todd Gurley returning to form, and I'm actually looking forward to seeing Trubisky, as soon as I stop giggling about the Bears' Mike Glennon venture.

Pack 6

This pack contained some really solid vets, but not guys who are at the top of many collectors' lists.  Maybe I'm morbid, but the real interest for me was trying to see if JPP's missing finger was apparent.  I believe that it is.  The rookies include a couple of first rounders that I don't know too much about.  The inserts are a mixed bag.  Another DeShaun Watson insert, which is good, and another Phenomenal Athlete to get one closer to the set are the highlights.  Devontae Booker in all his Ute gear will need to find a new home ASAP; maybe I'll find a Ute fan at the next card show who will take it off my hands in a trade.

Pack 7

No veterans to show here, as every base card was a dupe.  Only three inserts are shown, also because of dupes.  The intimidating LT makes up for the extra Torry Holt Banner Season, though.  I complained about the Hardwear checklist before, when Jeremy Langford represented the Bears, and now I have the same gripe with Tevin Coleman of the Falcons.  Don't get me wrong; the guy is talented, but he isn't even part of a committee in Atlanta.  He's firmly behind Devonta Freeman there.  The rookies are solid, though.  Christian McCaffrey is surpassing my expectations as a rookie Carolina, and all I hear from fantasy football prognosticators is that D'Onta Foreman will soon be the man in Houston's backfield. 

Pack 8

The last pack I picked up with my Target gift cards included some ho-hum rookies and vets.  I am happy about pulling the Ty, though.  The AFC South faces off in the Xtra Points parallels, with the Mariota going into my Heisman binder.  The inserts are great, as I pulled the third and final Packer in the Banner Season checklist.  That's some good luck: 40 cards in the set, six cards pulled, and three of them Packers.  Eric Berry will go toward the set build, though he also is becoming a favorite player for me.  After I complained that Jordan Howard should have represented the Bears on the Hardwear checklist, I pull it out of the final pack.  Redemption!  But wait, it's still the Bears, so nevermind.  The Brad Kaaya has already been sent away in a TCDB trade, but I'm just getting around to posting the picture.

 So this is where I stand with my 2017 Prestige set build.  At time of writing, I have 137 of the 200 base vets and 36 of the 100 rookies for 57.7% of the base set.  The final 10 rookies are short prints, and one of those is Kareem Hunt, so they may be harder to track down.  I'm chasing one insert set--Phenomenal Athletes--and I have 10 of the 42 in that set, or 23.8%.  Needless to say, I have a bit of work to do.  Fortunately, I'm not collecting any other 2017 set, so I can focus a little on this set.

Most of the inserts and parallels are available for trade, if anybody saw anything they liked.


  1. Do you have a want list? I'm trying to put together a base and rookies and set without resorting to ebay, so I have a big stack of doubles and would love to swap some for some of my needs!

    1. Here is a wantlist for you:

      Here is a tradelist:

      Do you have a wantlist somewhere (of Prestige or anything else? I'd love to work out a trade.

    2. awesome. i will put a want list together! Thanks. look forward to trading.