Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Some Fall Housekeeping

I love this time of year.  The weather is beautiful--cool, but still not chilly.  The leaves are turning.  School is starting, which is one of the best parts of the year for a teacher.  Fall is football, crisp days at the stadium.  And it is postseason baseball.  I suppose you could add in the beginning of basketball season, which is only important to me because my boys are into it.  But right now I'm enjoying mid-season form in football and the excitement of the World Series.  In honor of this smorgasbord of sportitude, I have some cards to show off from both football and baseball.

I honestly have no idea where these cards came from.  I've had them in my Google Photos album for months.  I imagine that they came from some Trading Card Database trade, but I can't find any of my past trades that include these cards.  They are a mystery to me.  So if you sent me these cards and are now reading these, step up and take credit so I can give you a proper thank you!

Just for the heck of it, let's switch between the sports here.  I'll start with an addition of Cubbies.  I love the eX insert of Gracie at the top.  It's a beautiful card.  I also love the Pacific legends set and I would love to complete the set, but I know I will probably never chase it.

Two of my favorite brands in the mid-90s were Pinnacle and Collector's Choice.  As a kid, I could always afford Collector's Choice.  I could rarely buy Pinnacle. Here I add some legends from that decade in those two products.

Or how about some double whammies?  These players are both Cubs and ROYs.  Where do they go in my collection?  Well, since my ROY pages of Nomah and Walton are full already, they will find a home in my Cubs binders.

The Cubs have been represented, so now the Packers want in. And what a Reggie White promo card wants, a Reggie White promo card gets.  This is one of my new favorite Reggies.  I never had a clue it existed until I obtained it.  A Lambeau Leap is also always welcome.

Baseball comes back with some additions to my All-Star MVP collection.  I like to collect these players in the uniforms for the teams the played for at the time of their MVP award.  For Crawford and Soriano, this is a more difficult task for me because the decade of 2000-2010 I collected absolutely nothing.

These are my first cards of McAda and Mealey, neither of whom stuck around too long.  In fact, I now own 1/3 of all Ronnie McAda cards ever produced.  But my favorite here is the Bubba Franks rookie.  Here's why:

Bubba Franks just became a guy for me to target on cardboard because he himself "has an extensive baseball card collection."  I love hearing about players who collect.  I wonder if Franks still collects or just has a collection leftover from childhood?  Either way, it was important enough to be included in the back of his rookie card and I appreciate it.

On that note, I'll send you off with some baseball cards that, who knows?, Bubba Franks might just have in his extensive baseball card collection.

Yes, it's a good season to be a sports fan.  I hope you all enjoy Halloween, the rest of fall, and Game 6 tonight!

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