Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hosting My First Group Break--Sign Up Here!

A few months ago, I started toying with the idea of hosting a group break.  I wasn't really sure about it, but I finally decided to go ahead with it.  So, at the end of this month, I will host my first group break.  I'm opening this up to my blogging buddies and my friends at the Trading Card Database.

What will we break?  

We're going to break 3 boxes: 1 hobby box of 2018 Diamond Kings and 2 hobby boxes of 2018 Stadium Club.

Box configuration: 

2018 Diamond Kings

  • 12 packs, 8 cards per pack
  • 2 Autos or Memorabilia
  • 3 Framed Parallels
  • 2 SPs
  • 2 Variations
  • 11 Inserts

2018 Stadium Club

  •  16 packs, 8 cards per pack
  • 2 Autos per box
  • 1 Chrome Parallel per box
  • 1 Beam Team per box
  • Black Parallel 1:8
  • Other parallels and inserts 


How much is it?

Each slot will cost $23, and that includes shipping.


What does a slot get me?

 Each slot gets you a choice of your team (first come, first served).  You will also receive another randomized team.  Three boxes, two teams.

As a bonus, if we sell all of the slots by June 22, I'll find another blaster to throw in.


How do I claim a team?

I'm reserving the Cubs for me. There will be 14 other slots, and the other 15 will be randomized among those who have joined the break.

To claim a slot, comment on this post with the team you want.  I'll update the list as slots fill.  Payment will be taken through Paypal.  To pay, click on the button below.  Be sure to include your team in the comment box.

Team Claimed

Payment will be due within a week of claiming a team.  If I don't get payment, I'll have to open the slot back up for somebody else.


When will we break?

Stadium Club doesn't release until June 27.  I have pre-ordered the two boxes, but I don't know for sure when I will receive them.  I'm really hoping to break on June 28, but we'll see if we're that lucky.  I'll keep you posted when I receive the boxes.


Other Rules:

  • ALL CARDS will ship.
  • Any card featuring multiple teams will be randomed off to one of the people holding a team on the card. 
  • Randomization of second team will happen on the day of the break or as soon as all slots fill, whichever comes first.

So, for a little more than a blaster plus tax, you will get two teams from three hobby boxes.  If we sell out all of the slots by June 22, I'll throw another blaster into the break.  Let's have some fun with some brand new product!



  1. Cubs-Trevor P (tntcardsstg)
  2. Cardinals-CardinalsFan16 (rl16) PAID
  3. Phillies-HerkoJerko PAID
  4. Red Sox-Chris PAID
  5. Giants-Fred Pike (dicefoot) PAID
  6. Yankees--SaintOrm PAID
  7. Orioles-CollectingAfterDeath PAID
  8. Braves-Sweatdog PAID
  9. Royals-JB (RoyalsChief) PAID
  10. D-Backs-Adam M. PAID
  11. Mariners-capsboy (Stephen W) PAID
  12.  Rockies-Adam K (Infield Fly) PAID
  13.  Angels-Adam M. PAID
  14.  Dodgers-Adam M.
  15. Astros-Dimwit


    1. Put me down for the Red Sox. I'll send payment tonight or tomorrow.

    2. I sent a PM on TCDB concerning this box break. If I qualify I am interested in SF Giants. Thanks.

    3. Hey, you got me as taking the Giants here. You've got it correct on the Trading Card Database as me choosing the Braves.

    4. Not to mention Fred Pike's already got the Giants. ;)

    5. I've been so very far out of the Cardsphere the past couple months. I'll take the Rockies.

    6. I'll take the Dodgers as well. BTW, my name is Adam M.