Friday, June 29, 2018

My 2018 All-Star Ballot, American League: A 9 Card Post

I was going to save this post for about another week, but the 9 card contest at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop caused me to move it up.  It just makes sense that my AL All-Star Ballot had 9 players, who can be my 9 cards for the contest.

I don't have a whole lot of power over a lot of things.  But I do have a vote for the MLB All-Star Game.  Some people may argue that I, Mr. Joe Fan, shouldn't have a say, but it is a responsibility that I take seriously.  Sure, I could just vote a straight party ticket of Cubs, but I think carefully about the issues and select individual candidates based on merit.  So, as the voting deadline nears, I have selected my ballot.

AL Catcher: Salvador Perez, Royals

The choices aren't great here for AL catcher.  Wilson Ramos is having a good year at the plate, but he is a little suspect behind the plate.  Gary Sanchez has struggled below the Mendoza line, and now he's hurt.  Perez may not have enough at-bats to qualify for a batting title, but he is still the most solid AL backstop I can see.

AL 1st Base: Mitch Moreland, Red Sox

Batting right around .300 and near the AL 1st basemen lead for HR, Moreland is having a great season late in his career.

AL 2nd Base: Jose Altuve, Astros

Let's just say this spot is Altuve's until otherwise determined.  Oh, and he's leading the lead in batting average, just in case you need some justification.

AL 3rd Base: Jose Ramirez, Indians

Ramirez is having an MVP caliber season right now.  23 HR, 12 SB, and almost .300 average.

AL Shortstop: Manny Machado, Orioles

Speaking of MVP caliber, Manny has to be in the conversation, too.  For as long as he is in the AL, at least.  Who knows where he'll finish the season?

AL Outfield: Mike Trout, Angels

And here we have an MVP having possibly the best season of his career.  This was a no-brainer.

AL Outfield: Mookie Betts, Red Sox

The top players in the AL are just lights out this year.  Mookie is hitting for average and power and swiping a lot of bags.

AL Outfield: Andrew Benintendi, Red Sox

I was surprised at myself for making this choice.  I hadn't given much thought to Benintendi as an All-Star, but he too is showing good hitting (.290), decent power (13 HR), and good base-running (12 SB).

AL Designated Hitter: J.D. Martinez, Red Sox

This one wasn't too difficult of a decision.  He's batting .326 with 23 home runs.  Sounds like just what I want a DH to do.

So there are nine cards for the nine AL All-Star starters on my ballot.  There are a few other players who probably deserve spots.  Jose Abreu, Andrelton Simmons, and Eddie Rosario immediately come to mind, but I think I've used my voting powers well here.  Who are you voting for?


  1. Generally speaking, I don't like fan voting, for reasons mentioned above - stuffing the ballot box by a certain team's fan base is not only irritating, but it's laughable and sometimes just plain dumb. However, when you actually sit down and take a look at the numbers and do what you just did, I have no problem with it. Good lineup!

  2. That's a pretty good line up! Thanks for entering my contest!

  3. I like the Red Sox-heavy lineup you built here. It would be awesome if 'Tendi makes it ahead of Aaron Judge but I can't see that happening. Still, the Sox have have surprisingly few all-stars of late so this will be a nice change.