Friday, February 15, 2019

Let's Check Out Some Cards

Browsing COMC can be dangerous.  Anytime I go on there, I find more cards that I had never really known before that they existed.  And just like that!  I want them.  Typically, my COMC orders are bigger than I really care to admit to myself.  In recent months, I've been trying to be more disciplined with all of my finances in general, and that has affected my collecting habits greatly.  Evidence of this comes in my most recent COMC order, which really wasn't too plentiful.  I may not have gotten a great quantity of cards this time around, but I'm very happy with the quality.

 These cards range from 1968 real cardboard feel to shiny modern cards.  Heck, we have a shiny modern refractor of a vintage Bobby Bonds.  It's a beautiful card.  Then we have a faux-vintage Gypsy Queen of legend Joe Morgan and a shiny vintage-style of youngster Alex Bregman.  The one common thread is All-Star Game MVP.

A couple more players who belong in that category, in miniature form.  Lots of legends in this order.

There really isn't a common thread for these two cards.  I needed the Shields for my slow-moving Bunt Programs set-build.  The 1976 Rookie Pitchers card features two players I need for two different reasons.  Ken Crosby could obviously fit in my Cubs binder, while Butch Metzger would go in my ROY binder.  Since this is the first Ken Crosby I own, the nod goes to allowing him representation in my Cubs binder.

More shiny!  These are some set builds. 2013 Prizm Brilliance is completed.  2016 Panini Legends of the Shield is one shy.  2016 Absolute Unsung Heroes is also extremely close.  I'm only missing rookies for  2016 Panini, but Tyler Boyd is no longer one of them.

We'll finish this short post with some all-time greats.  Three of these cards are serial-numbered (Hendricks /499, Jones /999, and Kevin Williams /2011).  My favorite, though, is the Finest Refractor of Aeneas Williams.  He may be a Hall of Famer, but I still believe he is underrated.  This card is beautiful in-hand.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I had both those Johnny Callison's in my post Black Friday shipment too! Are you collecting him? And that Don Sutton mini sure looks good in blue :)

    1. All-Star Game MVPs are a major part of my collection, and Callison won in 1965. That's funny we ended up with the same cards.