Friday, December 10, 2021

Colbey's Affordable Breaks

Last month, I took a spot in one of Nacho Grande's breaks and had my stack finally shipped to me after I don't know how long. Then I turned around and did the same thing with one of Colbey's Affordable Breaks. I had bought into a few of his breaks and accumulated a stack, but I couldn't even tell you how far back my stack had been growing. I finally requested it and received the contents earlier this week.

I know it was probably a pain for both of these gentlemen to keep piling cards up for me and I appreciate their patience with my slow requesting. But one of the advantages to accumulating a stack over many months is the fact that when I received the cards, I had completely forgotten which breaks I was a part of, let alone what cards had been pulled for me. It made for a fun package opening.

Of course, if there is a break and the Packers are to be had, they will be my #1 pick. I got these three cards from a 2003 UD Patch Collection break. The Favre patch on the bottom was one of the highlights of the entire package from Colbey and is, interestingly, part of the base set. I guess that fits for a set called "Patch Collection." It's a really cool card.

I brought in the entire Packers team set for 1996 Topps Gilt Edge, and then some. I have to say, I don't really understand this set, but these are all new cards to me. Plus, how can you go wrong with multiple Favres and Reggie Whites?

I nearly brought home the entire team set of 1993 Bowman, too. I'm only missing the George Teague rookie. I love the foil cards (which are base cards, not parallels), the Mark Brunell rookie, and, of course, BYU Heisman winner Ty Detmer. I showed the back of Bill Maas (Kevin's brother) because it gives cool information, like a coach's assessment and a future forecast for every player.

I didn't choose the Packers exclusively, though. Here I picked up the Bengals, hoping to come away with former BYU lineman Scott Brumfield. Brumfield played for my high school's rival and was the head coach of their team when I was playing in high school.

These two breaks are examples that I have no recollection of buying. They're both 2020 sets, so I was probably just trying to add something from last year to my collection because I couldn't find any to buy. I was successful in adding to my collection. Aaron Donald, Tom Brady, and Derrick Henry are all keepers for me. But if you like the R&S Brady or Henry base, I did get two each of those.

I don't remember this 2006 Topps Rookie Progression break, but I'm guessing I picked up the Colts on the off-chance that I could come away with a nice Peyton Manning hit. I did get the base card, which is a nice pull from this high-end feeling set. I did get a couple of other good hits: both the Reggie Wayne jersey and Bob Sanders parallel are serial-numbered (Wayne /99, Sanders /299).

And the break that led me to ask for my cards to be shipped. This is 2021 Absolute. I picked up the Jets hoping for Zach Wilson, then added Washington and Houston because they were still available. I did get one Wilson, the Introductions insert. For me, those two blasters were Davis Mills hot boxes. I ended up with two base of the rookie out of Stanford and one of the hits. It's hard to see in the scan, but Chase Young in the middle is a Green parallel.

 Now on to the baseball. Like the Packers, I will typically look for Cubs in the breaks. I've found that the baseball breaks always sell out pretty quickly, though, and I'm usually too late for the Cubs. But these 2003 Upper Deck Standing O and 2003 Fleer Hot Prospects cards sure make me happy that I was able to get them.


I was also able to snag the Cubs in a couple of 2020 products: Diamond Kings and Stadium Club. Ernie Banks is a Red Stadium Club parallel and just an overall great card.


I got the Mets in 2020 Topps Big League. Somehow, I ended up with all of these cards already, minus the first Alonso Rookie of the Year award card. All of the others in this scan are available for trade to anyone who is interested.

Also for trade is any card you see here. I was trying to get some cards for my All-Star project, which is why I bought the Rangers spot in the 1997 Pinnacle Xpress break. I got every card you see here in triplicate except for the John Wetteland parallel, so all of these are available for trade as well.

I have just one final card to show. When I got my stack of Nachos Grande breaks, I found that I had gotten extremely lucky and pulled two Javier Baez boxtoppers. Well, my luck has continued. In my Affordable Breaks from Colbey, I pulled yet another oversized boxtopper, this time a 2020 Stadium Club Widevision.

I have to say, I'm pretty satisfied with these breaks. Thanks for running them, Colbey! Affordable breaks are always a good thing, especially those that are older sets that I still don't have much of.



  1. Love that Bryant Widevision and the Favre patch! So many neat cards you rarely see around anymore. I might have to get into one of Colbey's breaks at some point; the bloggers I follow only break baseball boxes.

  2. The Favre patch is a base card??? Weird!