Thursday, May 12, 2016

Been Busy...Trading on Zistle

After nearly two weeks away, it's past time to put up another post.  I've been busy in about every aspect of my life lately, including trading some cardboard. Before I fall too far behind, let me post a couple of Zistle trades.  

User Dannicole contacted me about a trade that would bring me some junk wax that was missing from my collection.

These guys all won a Rookie of the Year Award, though they experienced varying degrees of success in their subsequent careers.  I feel more drawn to collecting the guys who peaked in Year One.  I think it’s partly because it’s easier to get a bunch of cards of the guys who never became superstars. 

Jerome Walton is one of those guys, and he gets bonus points for being a Cub.

Next come the All-Star Game MVPs.  Cal bridges the gap as having won both awards.  Even though he is a superstar, he’s one of my favorites to collect.  It seems like since I joined Zistle, everybody has been offering me lots of junk wax Cal Ripken.  Now that it is starting to fill up in my collection, maybe I can start seeing some trade offers for other things.

These two guys I pick up every now and then.  Wally Joyner is a former BYU guy and Curt Wilkerson goes in my family collection because he shares a birthday with one of my kids.

Dannicole also threw in some football for me.  Kellen Winslow (as seen above) is a PC guy because of his spot on the 1980s All-Decade Roster.  This is his rookie card and it fits nicely in my collection.

This card is needed for my back-burner building of 2012 Topps.

And finally, some Packers.  The Blood McNally is especially cool because I love that Honor Roll insert set.

Another Zistle user, Sandlot, is a Mets collector and we worked out a trade.  He sent me another Cal and some Cubs I needed.

Kerry Wood is another ROY+Cub=Awesomeness PC player.

The last card here is the gem of the post.  I was perusing COMC one day and came across some Cracker Jack micros.  I thought, “I wish I still had some of those Cracker Jack cards.”  Lo and behold, Sandlot contacted me the very next day offering one of my childhood baseball hero.  I couldn’t say no.

Thanks to those Zistle users for their trades.  And thank you, readers, for reading.

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