Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Grace Upon Grace: Trade with Wrigley Roster Jenga

As some of you may recall, Tony at Wrigley Roster Jenga had some fun last month with this card.  I mentioned to him that I wanted a copy because it was a card of my childhood hero that I did not own.  Tony sent me a copy, although I'm not sure how he managed to find one for me, what with all the turtles and cats who wanted it as well, and the extremely limited supply he possessed.

There was more to Tony's trade package than a single card, though.  He also sent some All-Star MVPs, in the form of a couple of sweet Denny's oddballs.  Those scanned better than I expected, too.

Tony and I may share a love of the Cubs, but we're at odds on football preferences.  I'm sure he was just as happy to unload some Packers on me as I was to return the favor and get rid of some Bears.  I needed all of these cards except the Morgan Burnett, but it still turned out to be valuable.  I noticed that this card didn't have the team name on front like the others.  So I checked it against the card I already owned, and found that neither card showed the team name.  I didn't collect in 2010, so I wasn't sure if all the rookies were like this.  A quick check on COMC revealed the following: no Morgan Burnett had the team name on the front, not even the parallels.  The Chrome version did, however.  And every other rookie I saw included it.  It would appear that Topps simply made an error and either didn't notice or decided not to correct it.  I'm guessing the latter, though, because it had been corrected for the Chrome run.  Even my dupes turn out to be a learning experience.

Anyway, thanks for the trade, Tony!  Any time you want some Bears, come to me.  I have many more to purge.  And thanks for not passing all of those Gracies on to me.

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  1. Would you believe I didn't even notice that Morgan didn't have the team name on it? I was filing to fast for my own good! Glad you enjoyed the cards - your batch of Bears was uber useful and I'll be showing those off soon.