Monday, May 23, 2016

Some Weekend Sorting

So my wife took the boys on a road trip to Boise for the weekend and left me home with the newborn.  While the baby slept, I decided to get some sorting and storing done.  This is what my house looked like for two days.

It felt good to have the down time to decompress.  A common sentiment among card bloggers is no different for me: card sorting is a great stress reliever.  I got some scanning done, too, so I'll be able to get some posts done this week.  If you have sent me a trade package recently, I'll probably get to posting it much sooner than I would have without the quiet house this weekend.  Happy collecting!

PS-Check out Sport Card Collectors new contest.   He's always got something great on his blog.


  1. This reminds me - I need to get some stress relief in soon as well!

  2. Thanks for the plug man! And I hear ya, gotta love the downtime with sorting