Friday, September 16, 2016

1997 Pinnacle Zenith pt. 3

Here are packs 9-12 of my box of one of the late-90s better brands.  (Still apologizing for the white space on the scans.  No matter how I try to crop it, the new version won't save.)

Pack 9

As a Packers fan, this pack with 3 Bears makes me a little bit ill.  But a young Curtis Martin is good.

Pack 10

Two bruising running backs that I really enjoyed watching back in the day highlight this pack for me.  I'm surprised to see Tony Banks in a running shot.  I don't remember him as a running quarterback.  Actually, I barely remember him standing, now that I think about it.  Adrian Murrell makes another appearance in a photo that I absolutely love, this time as a cameo on little Wayne Chrebet's card.

Pack 11

Desmond Howard will always have a place in my heart as the MVP of the first Super Bowl the Packers won in my lifetime.  A card commemorating that performance is awesome as well.  I'm realizing as I go through this box just how much I watched Chris Berman on NFL PrimeTime.  His nicknames are the first thing I think of for so many of these guys, such as Amani Toomer.

Pack 12

A couple of Hall of Famers and a beloved Packer in this pack.

Well, we're now halfway through this box.  Based on the odds and number of cards, I expected to complete 93% of the set (if there are no dupes) and pull 4 inserts.  At this point, I have pulled 3 inserts and have completed 46% of the base set.  No dupes so far.  We'll keep it rolling next time.

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