Friday, September 23, 2016

1997 Pinnacle Zenith pt. 5

Two more parts to go in this box break.


A pair of All 1990s receivers, a Hall of Famer from BYU, and a pretty cool rookie shot of 4 Ohio State draft picks: Rickey Dudley, Terry Glenn, Bobby Hoying, and Eddie George.  I know not all of those guys panned out in the NFL, but it was still a pretty explosive college offense.

Pack 18

Here are two guys that make me cringe for different reasons: John Mobley and Jamal Anderson.  The name John Mobley just makes me think of Mobley's pass break up to kill any hopes of a Packer comeback in Super Bowl XXII.  Jamal Anderson played his college ball at Utah, and the BYU/Utah rivalry is a pretty bitter one.  Every once in a while, I find myself rooting for a Ute in the NFL (Alex Smith, Eric Weddle, for example), but mostly, the rivalry runs deep.

Pack 19

Here's another quarterback card of the QB being sacked.  I don't get why the card company would do that.  Especially for Warren Moon in a 1996 photo.  I almost want to scream, "He's too old for that!"

Pack 20

The first card in the pack: Mark Brunell.  The last card in the pack: Keenan McCardell.  Brunell to McCardell is an underrated connection in my opinion.  They could light it up in their day.  Speaking of underrated, Ben Coates doesn't get nearly as much remembrance as he probably should.  For a few years, he was the only offensive option the Patriots had.

Four packs in this box to go...

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