Tuesday, September 20, 2016

97 Pinnacle Zenith pt. 4

Here are the next four packs of my Pinnacle Zenith box break.

Pack 13

Aside from the Emmitt, not much to say for this pack.

Pack 14

What's this?!  Is that another V2 insert?  Yes, the odds on these cards are 1:25, so I expected one in this box.  But here is another, and it's of the player who defined my favorite team for over a decade.  Welcome to my collection Brett.  I sometimes feel like it's rare for me to beat the odds, but I managed it here.

Pack 15

Marshall Faulk.  Junior Seau.  Kevin Greene.  Brian Dawkins.  All of those are either in the Hall of Fame or deserving to be there soon.  Garrison Hearst and Tony Brackens are no slouches either.  This is a pretty solid pack, and has the makings of a pretty solid defense, too.

Pack 16

And here I go, beating the odds again.  This is my 3rd Rookie Rising insert, pulled with 1:12 odds from a box of 24 packs.  It's a nice looking card of a guy who definitely didn't live up to expectations in out of Michigan.  The Chris Warren is nice to me, as well.  I always liked watching him play, and I don't think he is remembered nearly as much as he should be for the great job he did.

Down to eight more packs to go.  I can't expect to pull another insert, as I've already beaten the odds twice.  But no dupes so far means I'm making some good progress on the set.

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