Monday, April 3, 2017

Coming in From the Clubhouse

Reading posts around the blogosphere, I've learned that things were busy in the Cardboard Clubhouse in the past week or so, as many have posted mailings they have received from Adam.  I got a package last week, stuffed with some great football cards.  Here are the highlights:

Some parallels and inserts from my 2015 Prestige set build.  Love the Peppers here.

And here are some great HOFs from the 90s.  Some great sets here, too.

Thanks for all the football, Adam.  I'm setting aside Reds for you that I'll send out when the stack is bigger.

PS--Happy Opening Day, everybody.  I commemorated by opening packs of Opening Day with my kids.  First time ever, and I was happy to start the tradition.

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