Monday, April 17, 2017

Just a Big Guessing Game

A while back, Sport Card Collectors held a contest in which he allowed readers to guess the total number of page views his contest would get.  The closest guess without going over would win.  To muddy the waters a bit, he allowed people to put in a guess each day, which would presumably open the page view count to a potential skyrocket.  I ended up winning, but I was quite lucky to win.  First of all, I have no idea how many page hits SCC typically gets.  Second of all, I only put in one vote.  Third of all, I had planned to visit the page more often and put in multiple guesses, but I got busy and forgot to do so.  Ironically, if I had visited the page just a few more times, I would have widened the gap between my guess and the actual total.  I don't know for sure, but my forgetfulness might have been a key for my win.

So what did I win?  You know SCC always has some great freebies in his contests.  Here is just a sample of my spoils.

How about some numbered cards of a couple of great quarterbacks.  Two quarterbacks who have both received criticism for not being able to win the big one and have suffered some oh-so-close heartbreaking losses in the postseason.  Elway was able to exorcise his demons during his final years.  We'll see if Matt Ryan can do the same for himself at some point.  These cards come from Panini's resurrection of the Patches and Plates line, and really like what I'm seeing here.  The base card are ultra-thick and all numbered.  Looks like a great high-end product to me.

Black Gold is another high-end Panini product.  The base cards are all shadowboxes and even thicker than the Plates and Patches.  These acetate cards are pretty cool, but I'm going to have to get a better way of storing them than I currently have.

And here are some football hits that I got from these products.  The Plates and Patches Hunter Henry auto with the three-color patch is pretty nice.  A decent player, too.  He showed some flashes last season and it looks like the Chargers may have found another great tight end to step in when Antonio Gates decides to hang it up.  The highlight to me, however, is the low-numbered Marvin Harrison, who fits very nicely into my All-Decade collection.

Here we have some nice basketball cards from Limited.  The Chris Paul is serial numbered to 49 and is a great score, but I'm holding my excitement back on Chris Paul as he is facing up against my hometown Jazz in the playoffs.  I very rarely talk basketball on this blog, but I do have to say that the Jazz could be a difficult matchup for anybody in the West, but not without Rudy Gobert.  Gobert went down with a knee injury 11 seconds into Game 1 and his timetable is unclear at best.  The diagnosis was a hyperextenion and a bone contusion, so there was no structural damage, but nobody seems to know if he's going to be able to play in this series.  My feeling is that he will try.  If he doesn't, I think the aforementioned CP3 advances to the next round.

The last part of the winnings came from Donruss NASCAR.  I don't follow NASCAR at all, so I have to say that I don't even know who the relic is, with the accompanying green parallel of the same driver.  I do recognize the name Greg Biffle, at least.  But maybe you can help me out.  Is Martin Treux a big name or not?

The last card in the package was not part of the contest, but one SCC posted a few months back and I asked if it was available.

Here is my second auto of BYU grad "Le"Bronson Kaufusi, a freakish athlete who played basketball as well as football for the Cougars and terrorized opponents' backfields.  He was drafted in the third round last year before missing his first rookie season due to a preseason knee injury, and I'm hoping he can bounce back and realize his full potential.  His little brother, Corbin, by the way, is also a two-sport starter at BYU, but I don't think he has the same NFL frame that Bronson has.  We'll have to see if can bulk and develop a little more.

Thanks for the contest, SCC!  I have been setting aside some cards for you and will send a little something your way when the stack is big enough to justify it.

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  1. Congrats again! I am glad you enjoyed them esp the bonus :)