Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Flagship Hobby Box, Part 2

I'm almost this excited to continue my 2017 Topps box break.  Let's take a look at some of my favorite base cards from the second 9 packs.

Zach Britton and David Peralta are ready to play.  I love the dugout shot, but it looks like a lot of empty seats behind him there.

I really like these ball-almost-in-the-glove shots.  The green board behind Lorenzo Cain adds a nice flair, too.  Adam Eaton looks almost out of control to me in this picture, like he's about to trip over his own feet.

And here is a great play at the plate picture.  I wish we could see the ball so we would have a better idea of how this play turned out.  The way the glove is closed already, I'm assuming the catcher has it and he may have enough time to make the tag.

Here is the first Rainbow Foil of the box.  They're kind of neat looking, but nothing we haven't seen before.

And here is an MLB Network insert.  I'm not really in love with set.  It's a good design, and a good idea, really, but just not my cup of tea.  So while the card looks good, it is definitely trade bait for me.

I got two more First Pitch cards, including the only one in the set that I was really wanting: Jon Lovitz.

My first Bowman Then & Now insert.  This card design is a little too busy and crowded, in my opinion.  Plus, I don't understand why they decided to use Bowman cards.  In fact, why use pictures of cards at all?  Why not show a picture from the rookie season to compare to now?  This just feels like some self-promotion masquerading as an insert.  And yet, I'd be hard-pressed to find a better player to pull, so I'm adding this card to my collection.  Well played, Topps.

This is interesting card.  It's a negative parallel and it looks kind of cool.  But for some reason, I was expecting this one to be serial numbered.  It's not, and now I'm wondering what the draw is.  It's essentially a washed-out black & white photo on the card that has no limited print run to make it desirable.  I had to look up Chad Pinder, by the way, as I had never heard of him before.  He got an August call-up last year, started this season in AAA, and was called up again last week.  I don't know much else about him, but here's wishing the young man a good career.

Two more Topps Salute cards.  Both players are pretty good pulls, and both of these cards have already been traded away on Trading Card Database.  Most of my Topps Salute cards have already been shipped out; I came across somebody who was building this set and had some of the base set that I needed.

This is my favorite insert of the box thus far.  Hunter Pence is just goofy enough to be one of my favorite players.  And he is actually pretty close to being a five tool player.  In fact, MLB Statcast says he is.  I like this card.

Two more wood panel tributes, one labeled as a Future Star and another finding himself being labeled a past star.

It's cards like the Mets Future Stars that I don't mind getting in the buybacks, sorry "Rediscover Topps," that is.  It's the Nieves and Yankees leaders that I do mind.  If anybody is collecting buybacks or Brewers or Yankees and wants these, let me know.

Finally, I'll end with one more advertisement card.  Once again, even though the back is only an ad, the player pictured is one that I'll keep in my collection. 

There is one last thing I should note.  In this round, I pulled a Topps Now scratch-off card.  I didn't really want it, so I went to eBay to try selling it, only to find that nobody was buying them.  So I went ahead and redeemed the code.  As it turns out, it was a winner.  So I will be receiving Topps Now card #179 when it is released.  I don't support the idea of Topps Now, but I'll take a free card.  My fingers are crossed for a Cubbie.

We are now halfway done with this box, with two more features to go.

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  1. I agree with you about the junk wax buybacks...but I'm sure Shoebox Legends would like 'em for his Frankenset.