Monday, May 8, 2017

A Couple of Trades Courtesy of TCDB

I'm starting to get into the swing of things on Trading Card Database.  I reviewed the site in my last post and mentioned that my inbox was flooded with lots of trade requests.  I've completed about a dozen so far, and I'll show the highlights as I endeavor to catch up on my posts.

Today's first trade came from user jmiller4.  He was apparently working on some of the many Topps insert sets that have been released in the past few years.  In return for some help on those sets, he helped me with my own insert set build.

Because I'm crazy, I decided to build an 80 card insert set from 25 years ago using only cards I had never pulled from packs.  I had never seen these cards until a few months ago and when I looked at the checklist, I thought, "Hey, why not?"  As illustrated by the cards shown here, there are some pretty good names on the checklist.  Most of them were just beginning to show signs a of a solid career when this set was released, and it makes Pinnacle look like a great prospector.  Most of them were coming to the end of their careers by 2000, but a lot of them had a solid mid-decade run.  I'm 20% done with this collection, with 16 cards so far in my attempt.

Another set I'm slowly going at is the Wrigley Field set.  At first I wasn't sure about collecting it, but when the Cubs won it all last year, I thought that I couldn't pass up a set devoted to Wrigley Field in the very year the curse was broken.  I don't have too many of these yet.

Another set I couldn't pass up is the Marketside set.  Aside from the buzz it created with the return of food issued oddballs, the set is really nice looking.  I'm going slowly on it, as well, because it seems like everybody is working on it and there aren't too many for trade and I don't want to pay the $.99 per card that ebay is asking right now.

This card is probably my favorite of the trade, and it wasn't even included initially.  I got the package with a note telling my the Team 2000 John Olerud had already been traded and he hoped with would work as a substitute.  Bryant for Olerud?  I think I got the better end of the deal here.  This is a Contact Sheet insert from 2016 Stadium Club.  I know that Stadium Club is a favorite around the cardsphere, but none of my local stores carry it, so I had never seen this set before.  It 's a pretty sweet card.

To cap off the trade with jmiller4, I got a great Bryzzo.  I hope these guys remain best buds for a long time to come.

My next trade came from Broadway (the username, not the location).  Broadway wanted Heritage; I wanted Archives.  This is what I got from this deal.

First, some help with my 2016 Archives build.

A nice 1969 Archives insert of Jake Arrieta, looking as intimidating as ever.

A Kris Bryant insert and mini.

And a Heritage rookie of my latest ROY addition, Michael Fulmer.  Fulmer is off to an even better start this year than his award-winning performance of last year.  The Tigers appear to have a good one here.

I still have more TCDB trades to post, but I'll stop here for now.  Thanks for reading!  And thanks to jmiller4 and Broadway for the trades.


  1. I just discovered your blog- glad to happen upon it. I have quite a few Marketside Pizza cards for trade- which do you need? Any Seahawks for trade? Email at cornellsteven5 at g mail dot com if interested.
    Thanks- Steve

  2. Get your Team 2000 list up there! I put those together a while back and have some dupes!
    Was just going thru some pictures on my PC and found an Orioles game that I went to. Arrieta pitched for them. If we only knew...