Thursday, May 25, 2017

Check Out My Photo Dump!

I've been working on clearing out my photo folder, and I came across a some pictures of a COMC purchase I made in February.  Honestly, I'm not even sure why I had it shipped and didn't just wait until free shipping, but the cards are in hand and assimilated into my collection now.  I think this was one my favorite COMC purchases ever.

I added some good cards to my Jordy Nelson PC.  I don't really buy any high-end stuff, so the Triple Threads base is a somewhat unique addition to my collection.  I love the Upper Deck Rookie Premiere.  The photo reminds me of an old picture of Hall of Famer Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch that I saw as a kid. 

I never knew much about Hirsch, but the nickname made him one of my favorite old-timers when I was growing up.

Adding to my All-1990s team, I picked up cards of my favorite QB and offensive lineman of the decade.  These two had polar opposite careers, it seems.  Favre was dealt to the Packers for a song and had little expectations , while Boselli was a can't-miss pick who started out his career very well.  Both played at high levels, but Favre was durability personified while Boselli had his career cut short by injuries.  Favre was a gunslinger who worked by improv, but Boselli was a technician.   I'm happy to have all of these cards.

Here are some modern cards of 1980s stars.  I think I now have 4 unique cards of James Lofton with that photo.  I think the Legendary Contenders card shown here is the only in color.

All of these big men are All-2000s picks.  For all of my All-Decades collections, the linemen of the 2000s have been the hardest to fill.  They just don't have enough cards made.

Here are two interesting pick-ups.  Despite being a former Packer and Cougar, this is the first Brady Poppinga in my collection.  I'm not a big fan of relics, and especially not manu-relics, but I thought this card was interesting.  Plus, it's an insert set exclusively of Green Bay.  The card on the right is of former BYU receiver Ben Cahoon.  A native Canadian, Cahoon decided to go north to the CFL instead of entering the NFL draft.  He was drafted by Montreal 6th overall in 1998.  In his 13-year CFL career, Cahoon set the league record for most career receptions (1017) and caught more passes for more yardage than any player in Grey Cup history.  He is currently on his second stint as BYU's receivers coach.

I added a bit more to my BYU collection, including my first cards of linebacker Bryan Kehl and defensive end Travis Hall.  I have a love/hate relationship with Jim McMahon, as he quarterbacked my Cougs, but then went on to lead the Bears to their greatest success in the Super Bowl Era. 

I love this card completely, though.  It commemorates BYU's first ever bowl game win in the 1980 Holiday Bowl.  The "Miracle Bowl" may be the greatest comeback in college football history.  With under 3 minutes remaining in the game, BYU trailed SMU 46-25.  In those 3 minutes, BYU managed to score, recover an onside kick, score, have a defensive stand, block the punt, and win the game on a last-second Hail Mary. 

This COMC order knocked out some autograph needs for my BYU collection.
  • Rob Morris played for the Colts after being drafted in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft.  
  • Austin Collie also played for the Colts, but his promising career was cut short by a series of concussions suffered after some exceptionally violent collisions. 
  •  Bronson Kaufusi was the Ravens third round pick last year, but his seas
  • on ended in training camp with an ankle injury.  He should get some playing time this year.  Todd Watkins went undrafted and signed with the Cardinals, got cut and signed with the Raiders.  He played for two years, catching 8 passes in his career.  
  • Terenn Houk went undrafted and unsigned last year, but SAGE still found it necessary to include him in its auto checklist.  
  • Jamal Willis left BYU as the all-time leading rusher (since surpassed twice) and played for the 49ers in the late 90s.  I remember him as the coach who succeeded my high school football coach and let me go from the staff before I even coached one game.  At the end of my senior season, my coach asked me to coach the sophomore team the following year, but Jamal came in with his own staff, and I never got the chance.  Now I'm making up for it by coaching a t-ball team.  Not to mention teaching adolescents every day.

Finally, I added to my Brad Sorensen collection, as I do with every COMC order.  I'm now up to five Sorensen autos.  He doesn't have the best signature, but I'm trying own all of them.

That's it for my February COMC order.  I'm glad I found the pictures before I forgot about them forever.  Thanks for reading!

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