Monday, May 15, 2017

More Trades from the Database

I haven't spent much time opening new product as of late, but I have been immersed in the Trading Card Database.  I've completed over a dozen trades that I'm trying to get posted here.

My next trade was with user minibbcards.  I believe that every card I sent him was a parallel, and true to his name, he asked for a few minis.

In return, I got mostley inserts.  All of these cards will go into my mini collections binder as All-Star MVPs, ROYs, or both.

I'm now one card from this Wal-Mart exclusive Cal Ripken insert set.

I'm working on this Whatever Works set.  I'm not in love with the paisley in top corner, but I love hearing about baseball players and their superstitions.  It's a fun little set that I didn't pay much attention to when it was released a couple of years ago.

Also included in the trade was one of the most nonsensical cards I know of: a 2016 Berger's Best reprint of the classic 2015 flagship Kris Bryant rookie.  Really?  Did we need a reprint one year later?  However, I still don't own the original.  I bought so many Series 2 rack packs trying to pull this card that I nearly completed the series twice over.  I saw neither hide nor hair of the Bryant rookie.  So this Berger's Best will have to do for now.

The AFL/NFL merger is one of my favorite topics in sports history.  Back when I was a history major in college, I had to propose and complete a senior thesis on a historical topic of my choice.  I really wanted to write on the merger, but the NFL Hall of Fame is kind of stingy with the primary sources stored there.  The only way to access them is in person, and even then, you have to have some sort of permission to enter the archives.  So I chose a more local topic instead.  When I saw this card, though, I wanted it.

My next was with a guy who calls himself herkojerko. 

I got some great Cubs cards from him, including my first Jason Kendall in Cubby blue.

My Willie Mays page was looking pretty empty, so I picked up some junk wax of one of the greatest "Baseball Heroes" of all-time.

Some new additions to my ROY binder.  I especially love that the Donruss Bagwell denotes him as a Rookie of the Year award winner.

And here is some 80s goodness of a couple of great outfielders.

The third trade I'm posting today comes from dsorek.  He took some of my 2017 flagship inserts in exchange for some flagship base help.

He also sent a couple of my favorite insert set so far this year, Opening Day's Opening Day.

I'll have some more trade posts coming in the near future as I try to catch up with all my incoming trades.  A big thanks to the three traders featured today.

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