Monday, April 2, 2018

Card Madness 2018, Pt. 9: The Championship

I've been running my own card tournament to coincide with March Madness.  I've been calling it Card Madness and it is really just a way for me to play with my cards.  I  created a bracket and I'm pitting baseball teams against each other in a battle to the death by showcasing cards from my collection, which have been randomly selected.  The bracket is here, so you can view progress.  Cards were chosen at random and each team will have a different representative every round.  This is baseball after all.  You can't pass the ball to Michael in Crunch Time; you have to go with the next man up in the order.
Now we've reached the championship game.  I'm sure you're all dying to know how this year's tournament will end.  Who is our cardboard champion for 2018?  Let's find out.

Final Round: Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves

2015 Topps #437 Jake Marisnick vs. 1994 Post #6 David Justice

2015 Topps makes one last appearance.  The design is still good, but I've discovered through this tournament that how much I like set varies from card to card.  1994 Post is a great design for a cereal oddball.  It looks like it legitimately could have been produced by one of the major card companies, and I have always like the green on the border.  Both players have their eye on the ball in the photo, though in different scenarios.  Normally, I don't go for cards with the logos airbrushed out, but kudos to Post for selecting a photo in which it's hardly noticeable.  The gray Braves uniform is distinctive enough to be easily recognizable without the team name anyway, but I don't get the feeling that too much is missing from the picture to begin with.  I really like the look of the card.  David Justice was a three-time All-Star and two-time World Champ.  Jake Marisnick is also a World Champ, I guess, having appeared in one game for the Astros last season.  This was a pretty lopsided championship matchup in the end; David Justice runs away with his third World Championship.

Winner: Braves

There you have it!  The Atlanta Braves are the 2018 Bump and Run Card Madness Champions!

Let's review the championship lineup the Braves used to get here.

That's pretty solid team of Hall of Fame and Hall of Very Good players.  Congratulations to the Braves.  Unfortunately for you Braves fans, this might be the extent of the team's championship aspirations this year.

Let me know what you thought of the Card Madness series.  I'll be honest--it's probably something I would do with or without readers.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts, however.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I sure had fun finding out what the cards held for each MLB team this season.


  1. Your tournament is fun and different, so good job with that, but I think you might hear some grumbling over the final outcome though :)

  2. Hey Trevor - shoot my an email so I can confirm your mailing address, would ya? 2x3heroes AT gmail