Thursday, April 5, 2018


The countdown to Black Friday shopping starts now!  We only have eight months until the biggest shopping day of the year.  It's time to start scouting stores, training for the sprints and fights.  It's finally within our sight! 

Okay, maybe we're not counting down until next Black Friday.  But it does seem  a bit late to be recapping my Black Friday purchases from 2017.  So I'm four months behind.  Does that bother me?  Not really.  I suppose I have posts piling up, but not at such a great rate as to overwhelm me.  Since the new baseball season has begun and this purchase was closer to the end of last season's World Series than Opening Day this year, it's probably high time to take a look at the baseball cards I picked up from COMC and shipped with their annual Black Friday free shipping.

I used this purchase to knock out some insert set needs.  These two cards completed their respective sets from 2015 and 2016 Topps.

I was also able to complete this set from 2015 Topps.  I love the concept of a set based on various ballplayer superstitions.  It was a fun set to complete.

 In 2016, I bought a box of Topps Bunt and decided to build the Program set.  I liked the idea and the look of it.  The only problem was that I only pulled about 3 of the 30 cards from my box.  I still haven't made a ton of progress since then.  I thought about building the Program set from last year's Bunt, too.  Until I saw it.  It just didn't feel as authentic as this Program design.

This is one of my favorite sets ever.  The individual cards go for a higher price than any set I've ever put together, but I could look at this set and read these quotes all day.

I have almost completed the 2013 Panini Triple Play set.  These fun When I Was a Kid cards are the final ten cards of the base set, and they are much better than the regular base.  But they only fell about 2 per box.  I still have a few more to go, but I'm inching closer.

Here are a couple of late 90s Fleer Ultra set needs.  The Pizzazz cards are SPs of the base set, while the Notables are an insert set.  They're both very shiny.

It wasn't all set-building.  Here are a couple of other cards that I picked up from a seller to get him to accept my offer.  The Halladay is a red back variation.  I always liked Halladay, but he played mostly in the time when I didn't collect.  When he passed away, I realized that he didn't have nearly enough representation in my collection. That's why I went after this card when I saw it.

Finally, here are some more (mostly) shiny cards for my ASG MVP and ROY collections.  The sparkly Myers Bowman card is my favorite here.

Player-wise, this was quite an eclectic purchase.  Only a few players were on more than one card.  A-Rod, of all people, was the most common player.  He was on three cards from three different set builds.  Andrew McCutchen and Robinson Cano were the only other players to be featured twice.  Of course, baseball was only a portion of my COMC order.  I have some other posts to come.


  1. It's always nice to see Cooperstown getting some love! And those Ultra Pizzazz were a pretty cool get as well, it's amazing how great those still look after all these years.

  2. I ended up putting together the 2016 Bunt Program insert set as I thought it was cool as well. Like you, I didn't care for the 2017 version.

  3. Hey I misplaced your addy. I have a pwe to head your way :)