Friday, April 20, 2018

I Experienced Rhino Meadows and Lived to Tell About It

I have been active, as always, trading on TCDB.  Some these small PWE trades don't end up on this blog.  I don't know how many of you would be interested in seeing two cards added to my 1992 Fleer set build or how many TCDB traders are necessarily looking at my blog for recognition of their trades, as I know many bloggers do.  Some trades, however, just beg to be shown off.  This trade, with TCDB user rhinomeadows, begs to be shown off.

First of all, we have some help.  I don't have my wantlists posted for 2012 Topps football or 1993 Hostess, but I do have them on my TCDB wantlist, so I've been gradually putting them together.  I used to have a whole bunch of the Hostess cards, but I didn't really consider them "real cards" when I was a kid, so I got rid of most of them.  Now I recognize them as a nice-looking set with plenty of memories, so I'm going back for them.  This Triple Play Traditions card finished of the small insert set for me.

I won't turn down new Packers.  Especially if one of those is a sweet oddball of Super Bowl I hero Max McGee.  This card is a 1981 TCMA and is one of my favorite Packer cards now.

I used to think of the 1989 Score set as scarce.  I suppose it is, in comparison with the other sets of that year.  But I'm acquiring so many of them through trades that I've almost got all of the guys I collect, even though I never owned any of this set until a couple of years ago and have never actually bought any of it.  These three defenders all had a spot on the 80s All-Decade Team.

With this Pro Set Derrick Thomas rookie, I now have all of his rookies.  He is the first player from that great Hall of Fame draft class that I have the Topps, Pro Set, and Score rookies.  No, I don't even have all three of former Packer great Tony Mandarich, who was drafted before Thomas, not to mention Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, or even Steve Atwater.

More all-decade players, this time focusing on the "big uglies."

First of all, let me say, "How did I never even know that Stadium Club Chrome was a thing?"  This was the first I had ever heard of it.  With these two cards juxtaposed, let's take a moment to observe just how horribly drab early Bowman was.  There is absolutely no character to the card on the left, especially when you look at what a card could look like.

This set was brand new to me, too.  It's 1997 Upper Deck Legends.  It's a great-looking set.  I especially love the photography on the Lynn Dickey card.  The smaller front photo of Dickey with Bart Starr is added coolness to the snowstorm of the main picture.

Finally, rhinomeadows had some 1999 Upper Deck of various guys in my collection.  It's a very Upper Deck looking design, but that's not necessarily bad.  I liked Upper Deck.  This set does have some issues on the back, however.

Apparently, the "Brwons" have "definately" found their starting QB.  Spelling aside, there is also a missing comma and at least one instance of awkward syntax here.  Most of the cards I received in this trade had some kind of typographical error on the back.  It pays to read the backs of your cards--especially if you're the one producing them.

This was a great trade that brought me a variety of cards for my collection.  I don't know how many TCDB people are reading this, but thanks rhinomeadows, if you are!

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  1. '97 Legends is the coolest football set ever.

    I'm gonna have to check your 2012 and Post lists. I know I've got a big pile of 2012. At least I used to.