Friday, August 17, 2018

Let's Highlight Some TCDB Trades!

I have a number of overdue Trading Card Database trades in my scanned file that I need to highlight.  I kind of like taking a few months worth of trades and placing them all in one post like this because it lets me see if there is a trend in what I am collecting/receiving of late.  We'll start in the 1991, with some cards from TCDB user 49ants.  These cards almost kill off my Domino's Quarterback Challenge set.  I only need one more, #44 Joe Theismann.  There's another 1991 here for good measure, an early Ultra insert of Barry Sanders.

The next trade I'm showing got a bit shiny, and again, it was set help for me.  Upper Deck X was a horrible product, but I love the Xponential cards.  I'm working on the Xponential and Xponential 2s from 2008, and tsch67 was able to send some my way.

 Some good names here, including A-Rod and Pujols.  Aramis Ramirez was my favorite Cub of the era.

 Utley, Tulo, and Vlad are the highlights for me here.  When I first completed the UDX set, I had no intention of completing the insert set.  It bugged me that there was an insert set that came one per pack, but it was almost the same size as the base set.  In the years since I completed the base, I kind of concluded that the insert set was the saving grace of the product, so I would go after it.

 Of the four Xponential sets, Xponential 2 was my favorite.  I like this look more than I like the red of the other.  This set is slightly smaller, but had higher odds.  I'm going after both.  The checklist is pretty much the same, and you see Pujols make another appearance here.

A PWE trade with BobbyL brought in some 2018 Heritage inserts.  I traded him the 3 Heritage SPs I had.  All of these players, besides begin superstars, are part of my ROY binder.

We'll finish up this post by showing off goodies from user noy.  We'll start in the early 80s with a baseball Rookie of the Year and some NFL greats of the 1980s.

 Noy takes us through the 90s (well, again with 1991).  Lots of great defenders here.  Walter Dean, in the top right, was a Packers draft pick who appeared in nine games for the team.  He is credited with one kick return for zero yards.  Recovering an onside kick, maybe?  That is his entire career stat line.

 Noy sent me some good Topps inserts from the past decade.  I like the idea of the History of the Game set, but the checklist might as well be "History of the Yankees."  I'm not chasing the entire set for that reason, but I have a few cherry-picked cards on my wantlist.

 Finally, noy sent me some help for my Wrigley Field set.  Ryno and Schwar-bomb each make two appearances in this group.  My progress on this set is slow but sure.

From these trades, I see that I'm still putting a lot of collecting focus on unfinished sets that are a few years (or more) old.  I have more TCDB trades scanned and ready for posting, but I'll save them for another day.

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