Thursday, August 2, 2018

Straight Outta P-Town: Simply the Best

I have more cards to show from P-Town Tom's purge.  If you recall, I was able to add 576 new to me cards from that box.  Included were some Hall of Fame players who have donned the Cubs uniform.  I think my favorite of this lot is the Ryno All-Star card.  1985 may not be vintage, but it's before overproduction and before I started collecting, so that's a fun add for me.

These players may not be Hall of Fame caliber, but they were definitely fan favorites and great players in their own rights.  Nomar, Gaetti, Cey, and Bowa made their names before becoming Cubs, but I'm glad they played at Wrigley.  Girardi was a Cub first and a Cub later in his career, even if he will be remembered in history as a Yankee.  Ramirez, Wood, and Grace are three of my favorite Cubs ever.  And Sosa, well, he was well-beloved at the time, though I hate to look back at those years now.

Here are some of my favorite current--or almost current, excepting Jake Arrieta--Cubs.  All of these players were instrumental in the 2016 World Series title, especially WS MVP Ben Zobrist and the Bryzzo connection that recorded the final out.

Tom even got some 2018 cards into the box.  This is the only Cubs card I have of Alex Avila.  Jon Lester has been the most consistent player this season.  Let's hope the rest of the rotation can find a groove before fall baseball rolls around.

There will be still more of this series to come.  It was a tremendously huge package and it is fun to show off all of these great Cubs.

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