Thursday, August 9, 2018

Straight Outta P-Town: Odds and Inserts

Well, I've probably dragged this on long enough.  This will be my last post highlighting the gigantic stack of Cubs cards P-Town Tom sent my way earlier this summer.

So, who likes oddballs?  I have somehow accumulated a handful of 1981 Coca-Cola cards before this, but these are my first Cubs of the set.  Bill Buckner appears to be King of the Oddball here, being represented on a Coke, a sticker, and two Drake's cards.  The lenticular Leon Durham is in good shape, with no cracking.  We see an appearance by Shawon Tungsten on a 1993 Cardtoons card.  I've seen these parody cards around on the blogs, but this is the first I've seen in person.

Now we have some parallels.  We have gold foil and Silver Signatures, a mini Bazooka, and a state parallel of Hometown Hero Keith Moreland.  1993 Topps Gold is my favorite of any Topps Gold parallel.  The card design just seems to lend itself well to the parallel.

How about some horizontal inserts?  I couldn't believe that I didn't have that Ernie Banks already when I pulled it out of the box, but it turns out that I still needed it.  I like the Heritage Then & Now featured two Cubs aces and the Kyle Schwarber draft insert.

Here are some insert sets I had never seen before, since most of them came out during my collecting hiatus. 

I'm always happy to add some Baez to my collection.  But the card I really love is the What a Day! Ginter of Kyle Schwarber.  I don't collect A&G.  I've never even seen a pack of it near me.  But I loved this insert set when I saw it last year.  If it weren't so big, I would have decided to chase it down, but I didn't.  That makes this Schwarber very much appreciated.

As I bring these posts to an end, we'll flip over a few cards to catch some good backs.  Pitchers bunting, players signing, and Mark Grace telling us all to shut our yaps.  It's all great!  I've said it before, but thanks again for the cards, Tom.


  1. I've got a bunch of the other Coke Cubs if you want them. I need a couple other '81s and a few '87 Cokes.

  2. You're welcome. I'm really happy to know they went where they are appreciated!