Friday, December 21, 2018

Secret Santa?

Just to be clear, I didn't enter this year's Secret Santa exchange on the blogsphere.  I forgot the cutoff date, and just missed it.  Yet I still received an anonymous package of cardboard last week.

Here is my only clue.  Now, there is a well-known TCDB user who goes by the handle C2Cigars.  It seems likely that he is the "culprit."  He is currently doing some random gifting to celebrate his 50th collecting anniversary, so this fits right in.  The one hangup with that theory is that we have never traded, so I don't know where my address would have come from.  So was it him?  Or was it somebody else in this "C2Cigars Club?"  I really don't know.

The photo mailer contained a card saver with three cards inside.

Three BYU players that I needed!  The Gifford Nielsen on the left is extra cool.  It's a 1980 Stop-N-Go oddball.  I'm assuming that Stop-N-Go is a convenience store or something.  We don't have any in these parts, and since the card is almost 40 years old, I don't know if they would be still around.  The card is a lenticular type card, like an old Kellogg's.  It's about the same dimension as the Kellogg's cards from the same time period.  Pitta is a red Score parallel from last year.

So, Chuck, if this is your doing, I thank you for your generosity.  If it's somebody else, I give you the same thanks.  I appreciate the gift in the Spirit of the Season.  Merry Christmas to all!  May visions of bubble gum cards dance in your heads.


  1. This might contain the answer:

  2. That's a great 1989 Score Jim McMahon. I love that design and the photo. Props to C2Cigars and congrats on the nice surprise.

  3. Super envious of your Gifford Nielsen!! I got to meet him st a Stake Conference in Baltimore right after he was called as a General Authority and he graciously signed his 2 83 Topps cards for me. He has a beautiful signature in addition to his other talents! Very few cards though. But I’ll be looking for the stop n go.