Saturday, December 15, 2018

Yet Another TCDB Roundup

In keeping with the habit I've developed, I'll highlight several TCDB trades in one post here.

 First, here's a shout-out to TCDB user deegsteach.  Deegsteach helped me out with my 2016 Topps Archives set build.

He also sent some baseball greats my way.  I needed these for a project I'm working on, so they will probably make another appearance on this blog someday.  I'd never had any of these Legendary Cuts cards before, and I've got to say that they are pretty cool.  I'll take these over Panini Cooperstown any day.

Finally, he sent some throwback cards of modern players to fit various parts of my collection.  I'm loving the rookie El Mago here.

In another trade, AirPete sent me some older cards.  These 1983 Topps stars are all great.  I'm not sure that any of them can top Walter Payton, but John Hannah and Kellen Winslow are pretty high in my book.  The Packers cards are the old Fleer Team Action cards.

Also from AirPete came these also older, but not AS old, cards I needed for my All-Decades binders.

Resident TCDB Rams collector sent over some of my favorite football team.  Jordy Nelson may no longer be a Packer, but he's still my favorite PC player.  I haven't decided if I'll chase after his Raider cards, but there are still plenty of Green and Gold cards for me to worry about that.

A small trade with Budler brought in some former BYU stars.  This was a college-based trade, as Budler is a noted Nebraska fan and collector.

This trade, from nymarine914, took a long time to happen.  This was one of those packages that gets lost in the mail before finally finding its destination.  Nymarine and I stayed in contact the whole time, and we were almost ready to call it a lost cause when it arrived at last.  When it did, I got a couple of Heisman winners and a Rod Woodson rookie.

I also got a vintage Packer and two cards for my centers mini-collection.  I love that centers are the only player guaranteed to touch the ball on every play, so I love cards that picture centers with their hands on the ball.

There hasn't been a ton of baseball in this post, but I'll end it here with three from nymarine's package. 

I haven't been quite as busy in the past few months with my trading on TCDB, but I'm still a getting a couple each month.  I have a couple more to post, but they were both bigger trades and this post has included enough scans already.  Thanks to all the great traders out there.

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  1. AirPete is the man. Nice variety here. Your comment about centers reminded me that you collect them. If I have any more to trade I'll keep you in mind.