Saturday, August 31, 2019

Belated Thanks (Which Makes This a Double Fail for Me)

I was going through my photos to plan another post when I noticed a picture I had neglected.  Almost two months ago, Chris of Nachos Grande fame sent me a single card PWE.  In his note, he said this was a card I had claimed from his Trade Bait Blowout back in December/January, but we had never completed the trade.  This was completely my fault.  I claimed the card in a comment, thinking I had some cards from his wantlist.  However, his updated wantlist no longer included some cards I had set aside for him.  So, I never followed up on my claim or sent him anything.  About six months later, Chris sent me the card anyway.

That is fail #1 on my part.  Here is the card in question.

A shiny Stadium Club insert declaring ROY Wil Myers to be a future star.  It's a very nice-looking card.  However, I forgot to post about it.  It was there in my folder, between pictures of other trades, one card trying to fit in with the other transactions.  And I almost missed it. 

Fail #2 on my part.  I almost neglected to publicly thank Chris for his thoughtfulness. 

Luckily, when I was preparing other posts and going through photos, I recognized the card as the one from Nachos Grande.  I'm trying to rectify that second fail now.  And, yes, I will get something out in a return package.  I will avenge my own wrongdoings.  I apologize for being a flaky trader, Chris.  First by not following up on the Trade Bait Blowout claim, then by nearly missing a post showing off your end of the deal.  I shall make it up to you.

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  1. You were this close to getting the label of "bad blogger"! I'm kidding of course, things like this do happen, and I can't imagine that he would be overly upset by it, if at all.