Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Phillies Won, So I Won

Over at the Trading Card Database, there is a member who goes by the name of herkojerko.  Old herko is a Phillies fan, so he gets all excited whenever the Phils win, as fans tend to do.  This summer, he stepped his excitement up a notch and tried to get all of us card collectors involved, too.  He is holding a season-long contest in which the first ten people to comment on his thread whenever the Phillies win a series get to choose 20 cards from his trade list for free.


So when the Phils won a series, so I took advantage and commented on the thread.  Here are my spoils from the Philadelphia series triumph.

I got some set help.  There are some pretty big names here that I still needed for not-so-expensive sets.  The Thurman Thomas hologram was the final card needed to complete the 1991 Upper Deck Game Breakers set.

A couple of needs for my All-Decade and ASG MVP collection.

But, mostly, I was concerned with building my BYU collection.  Here we have three of former Cougar pitcher and World Series champion Jeremy Guthrie, and three football greats in Vai Sikahema, John Walsh, and Chad Lewis.

Ty Detmer cards are great.  Not only is he one of my most beloved sports heroes from my childhood, but because the pinnacle of his NFL career came from 1996-2000, when card companies were producing all kinds of shiny and unique designs.

For those of you who are counting, that is only 19 cards.  The 20th card was meant to be another Cougar, tight end Chris Smith, but herkojerko mistakenly sent the wrong card.  I wasn't about to complain to him, though, seeing that it was only through his generosity that I got these cards anyway.

The Phillies have won series since this time, but I unsubscribed from the thread.  I could have won multiple times, I suppose, but I don't want to be greedy.  I'll take advantage of free cards, sure.  But I don't want to overdo it.  A one-time shot is good enough for me.  So, thank you, herkojerko.  And good luck Phillies! *Anytime they're not playing the Cubs.

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  1. Ooh... Pacific Collection! Both of those were new to me, I'm starting to think that I'll never live long enough to see everything that they put out during the late 90's.