Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Lot of New Faces: A Cardpocalypse Challenge, Day 7

I don't think I'm observant enough to pick up on hobby trends. I see what products are out there. I buy a few of them. I catalog, file, and trade the cards. But I usually don't make a mental note of, "Oh yeah, this is happening," until I hear about it from other bloggers. And trends that I have noticed recently, like online exclusives, pushing back release dates, and skyrocketing prices I'm not a huge fan of.

The trend of free stuff is obvious. And it's good. It was my first thought for favorite new trend. I mean, I've partaken. I have my own free stuff planned for when I get through the large boxes I purchased last week. But I sometimes feel awkward when I claim free things. I don't like to feel like a moocher. So despite all the free cards that have so generously been sent my way, I don't think that is my favorite hobby trend.

No, my favorite hobby trend is the new reading material on the blogs. Some new blogs have sprouted up. Maybe this is an effect of all the stay-at-home orders. People have more time at home, more time in front of a computer, and they start considering a blog. Whatever it is, there are a few new blogs that have made their way on to my reading list and I welcome the new perspectives. Card Hemorrhage , Hobby Love, and Wax Pack Wonders have been posting some interesting material and are well-written. I've been enjoying them. Not all of my new reading material is new, though. I discovered an older blog that was somehow not on my radar, and I've enjoyed reading it. Thank you, Diamond King. And the rebirth of Tim's blog, Cardpocalypse (formerly known as I Love the Smell of Cardboard) led to this series of posts this week.

As I said, I don't always pick up on new trends until somebody else points them out to me. So if there are any other new blogs out there, I'd love to hear about them. Let me know!

And thus concludes my Cardpocalype Challenge response. Seven posts in seven days. Thanks for the writing material, Tim! I've enjoyed posting on these and seeing what responses others have made so far.


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out! I found your blog recently and am enjoying it, too.

  2. Nice! On another note, you recently claimed a card from me, but I don't have your address. Could you shoot that to me when you get some time? kmattson2002 at yahoo dot com.

  3. Thanks again for participating Trevor, it’s been a blast to follow along!

  4. I hadn't thought of all the new and returning blogs as a trend, but I guess they are in a way. Never thought I'd be for a particular trend, but this one has been really dope!

  5. It's been great seeing new blogs pop up... as well as other blogs come out of retirement. Plenty of interesting reading material to start and end my day.